Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Giraffetastic" shooter may be coming soon to XBLA

Well, color me surprised--again!. I guess I haven't been paying as much attention to the Xbox 360 as I should have been. I didn't know Jeff Minter, he of Tempest and Tempest 2000 fame, was busy creating another trippy shooter.

For those of you in the same boat, Minter apparently has been locked up in his lair (or wherever he can create games while on acid) working on a Tempest follow-up (of sorts) for the Xbox Live Arcade called Space Giraffe. Of course, Microsoft is just getting an early build of the game now, so it's not a sure bet we'll be seeing this on XBLA soon, though after seeing footage of said shooter (, I can't imagine them turning down this wonderfully retro sucker.

Now I just have to get myself an Xbox 360. And a few games. Oh, my husband is going to be sooooo happy to hear that :)

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