Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hey Nintendo: I want Tingle's Balloon Fight!

OK, this is old, old news, but since I just broke the great news earlier today that Nintendo is (hopefully) releasing the Tingle RPG in the U.S. later this year, I think it's worthwhile to bring this up again.

In a few months (April, to be exact), Ninty will be making available to die-hard fans (through its Club Nintendo members) a little game called Tingle's Balloon Fight. All that has been released so far is the name, the release date and the box art. Savvy fanboys like myself, however, can pretty easily suss out that the game will be an update of the old NES classic, Balloon Fight (itself an update of the arcade hit, Joust).

Considering Nintendo's fan club is pretty much nonexistent (and that's being nice to Nintendo), and Tingle's lack of popularity on this side of the pond, I kind of doubt we'll be seeing the game at our local EB Games anytime soon.

Here's an idea for Nintendo to ponder, though: why couldn't Ninty offer the game as a free download (from their site, from their in-store kiosks or from the Wii) for those of us who plunk down our hard-earned cash on the Tingle RPG? I think that's a brilliant idea! If only the folks at Nintendo (or anyone else for that matter) actually read this blog...

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