Friday, February 23, 2007

Super Paper Mario continues to unfold

EGM's Shane Bettenhausen is one of those lucky schmucks who received a preview copy of Wii's upcoming multi-faceted platformer, Super Paper Mario. He's a nice guy, though, and has been sharing what he can about the slick-looking game on his blog.

Here's one exchange that particularly piqued my interest:

Underfooter: Is this the next big thing for Wii owners after Zelda, would you say? Or is it just a mild distraction until Super Mario Galaxy?"

Shane: Compared to most of the Wii stuff out there, this is a really meaty game. It's also more accessible than the past PM games, given its traditional Mario gameplay. The complex 2D/3D mechanic might scare off little kids, but I think that older gamers will want to spend some quality time with this.

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