Sunday, March 04, 2007

PSP leads two sets one

Damn. My husband's going to kill me. He already scoffs at me because I bought the Wii late last year (thanks to eBay) and just recently got my grubby little hands on a pearl white DS--if I come home with PSP I may just find myself face to face with a crisp set of divorce papers.

What has piqued my interest in Sony's portable PS2? Namco's Smash Court Tennis 3 (coming out in the U.S. late this year). I'm not sure why--I've never really been impressed with this series, especially the early versions that appeared on PS1. That said, the shots recently displayed at look mighty impressive.

If the word on the street ends up being that SMC3 chokes more than Anna Kournikova, I can always spend my well-earned dough on Sega's PSP tennis offering, Virtua Tennis 3. Past iterations of the series have been as solid as Serena Williams' bum, so I'd know without a doubt my money was being well spent.

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