Monday, April 30, 2007

The Advocate discusses Queer Power (the video game)

The latest issue of The Advocate (with the lovely Rebecca Romijn on the cover) features not one but two short articles on gay gaming--and they're both on the same page!

For starters, Atlanta's "Fruit Brute," proprietor of, does the Q&A thing for writer Morgan Kroll. Just below that is an article I wrote about the Internet-based game, Queer Power, a hilariously nasty little fighter in the vein of Street Fighter II.

Here's a link to my article, if you don't happen to subscribe to or regularly purchase The Advocate.


Kiara said...

No offense, but these Download Games/Video Games shouldn't be for children's usage. I don't think at their age, they will be able to understand such concept.

Bryan Ochalla said...

No offense taken, Kiara. In defense of the game's designer/developer, I don't think this particlar game was made for children.