Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nintendo takes a new look (or two) at Pokemon

Nintendo certainly has been quiet about upcoming Wii and DS projects lately, haven't they? Well, they broke that silence a bit today during some sort of investor meeting.

A few games in particular should have Pokemon fans jumping for joy.

The first one isn't really a Pokemon game, though it sure looks like one and seems to play a bit like one, too. It's called Kurikin Nano Island Story and it puts players in control of a student who has to collect and raise bacteria and use them in battle. So far, so Pokemon. Where this DS title differs from the competition, though, is that battles feature swarms of of your pet bacteria (seen from an overhead perspective), which you control using your trusty stylus.

For more on Kurikin Nano Island Story, which is set for Japanese release on May 24, go to (for more on the back story and how it controls) and (for pretty pictures).

The other game actually is from the Pokemon universe, though it's not for the Wii or the DS and doesn't appear to share many similarities to past entries into the series, either.

Called Pokemon Battrid, the game is an arcade-only release that seems to throw players and their favorite pocket monsters into virtual battle fields controlled by some sort of plastic chips. It looks interesting enough, I guess, though I think I'll await more details before passing judgement.

More pics of Pokemon Battrid can be found here.

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