Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blast from the past

I bought (or, more correctly, my parents bought me) a *lot* of gaming magazines back in the day. I've never counted them, but if I had to guess I'd say I had more than a thousand issues at one point.

I stopped buying them when I went to college (and when more up-to-date news started showing up on the Internet), but I never got rid of the mountains of magazines. (They're now neatly stowed in my parents' basement.)

Last year, my parents kindly brought me a few of my favorites when they came for a visit. (My husband and I moved from Madison, Wis., to Seattle about three years ago.)

They brought the first few issues of Die Hard Dame Fan, Electronic Gaming Monthly, GamePro, Nintendo Power and Video Games & Computer Entertainment. They also brought every issue I ever owned of Mega Play, Super Play and Turbo Play (the first two were produced by the folks behind EGM, while Turbo Play was produced by the folks behind the TurboGrax-16, I believe).

Anyway, I posted photos of a few of the covers (and an old print ad for the original Phantasy Star) over on my Flickr page, in case any of you are interested. If you'd like me to take photos or scan the covers or contents of any of the magazines not represented in the shots on my Flickr page, just let me know!

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