Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maybe I *will* do a bit of shopping on Black Friday...

I don't think I've ever gone shopping on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, for those of you who don't live in the States--it's considered the biggest shopping day of the year). Actually, scratch that--I'm pretty sure I braved the crazy crowds in 2006, the year the Wii was released. (Of course, I came away empty-handed.Curse you, Nintendo!).

Anyway, I don't plan on leaving the house this Black Friday--despite what the headline above suggests. The shopping I'm talking about will be done on line--over at, to be more specific. That's when Jeremy Parish will be putting up for sale GameSpite Quarterly 3, which promises to be an "encyclopedia of 8-bit heroes."

I guess that could go without saying, considering the hardcover version is supposed to clock in at over 300 pages. (Two paperback versions will be made available, too--a 280-page "complete paperback edition" that will sell for somewhere between $16 and $18 and a 150-page edition that will sell for $12.)

I'd love to pick up a copy of the hardcover version, but I'm guessing that won't be feasible given my current financial situation. That's OK--as long as I can buy one of the other variants.

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