Friday, November 27, 2009

Shigesato Itoi reiterates that he's done making Mother games

Shigesato Itoi has been saying for years that he's done making Mother (Earthbound in the States) games, but I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed when I heard that he reiterated that reality a few months ago while interviewing another writer on his website.

According to the folks over at Earthbound Central, at one point during the interview the writer mentions that he was introduced to Itoi's work through the first two Mother games. After talking about those titles--and the process of making them--for a bit, the copywriter-turned-game-designer mentions the following:

"Games demand many more lines of dialogue [than advertising text] despite the fact that the main characters don’t talk, so I couldn’t keep making them. That’s why I felt deep down after making three of them, 'Well, that was a neat experience.'"

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