Monday, December 14, 2009

Insert 'sad face' emoticon here ...

The company that employs my husband had its holiday party this past weekend. It's a small company, but it seems to be doing well despite the economy--as evidenced by the party's venue, menu, open bar and "gift exchange."

The latter was the most impressive part of the evening, in my opinion. Every employee (there are about 30) picked a name out of a hat and then chose a (wrapped) gift in order. If said employee didn't like his/her gift--or, more likely, liked someone else's gift better than the one he/she just opened--he/she could trade for something else. So, it was like one of those white elephant gift exchanges we've all experienced--only in this case the employer bought all of the gifts.

Anyway, the reason it was so impressive: Every damn gift was worth $150 or more. And there were a lot of gaming systems. There was a DSi, a PSP, a PS3, an Xbox 360 and a Wii. I pleaded with my husband to do whatever he could to get the PS3, but it was just too popular and someone else ended up with it (and the DSi, and the PSP and the 360).



Viewtiful_Justin said...

Holy hell, man! That's insane. So what did y'all end up with?

Bryan Ochalla said...

*I* ended up with nothing--the hubs ended up with a few extra vacation days :)

That's what he really wanted, though--he's only been there a few months and as such doesn't have many vacation days--so I was OK with it. Plus, it'll be nice to spend a few more days alone with him next year.

Still, that PS3 would have been nice :)

Unknown said...
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