Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Now playing: Order Up! (Wii)

You know how I said that I bought a copy of Chulip as a birthday present for myself? Well, I bought another game at the same time: Order Up! for the Wii.

I know it seems like a random purchase, but it isn't. I've been interested in the game ever since I read a review that compared it favorably to the Japanese PSone classic, Ore no Ryouri.

Anyway, the mailman delivered the game a few hours ago and I just finished playing through the tutorial.

My early impressions: I already like it better than the two Cooking Mama games that have been released for the Wii. It uses an art style that is easy on the eyes and well suited to the Wii, it controls well (better than Cooking Mama, certainly) and it features lots of well done voice work.

I'll spend some more time with it this weekend (after I finish New Super Mario Bros. Wii, of course), but I can tell already that my $20 were well spent.

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