Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Surprise, surprise: Conservatives up in arms over 'dirty gay sex' scenes in Dragon Age: Origins

Actually, it isn't surprising at all. What is surprising is that it's taken them this long to make a stink about it.

Anyway, various conservative news sites (such as WorldNetDaily) are warning their readers that BioWare's recently released (for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) Dragon Age: Origins features "graphic homosexual sex between a man and an elf."

Click through to the WorldNetDaily article for more information on the "secret scene of homosexual seduction" that is causing a stir, or just watch this YouTube clip:

I don't know which scene the WorldNetDaily writer watched, but I'd hardly describe the one above as "graphic." Of course, I'd hardly describe it as "hot," either, given that the man and elf in question look more like mannequins than real people.

Oh, well, to each his own. Right? :)

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