Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stand up and cheer: Two more Skip titles are on the way

If you're a fan of fun and quirky games, you're a fan of Skip Ltd.

After all, the Tokyo-based company is responsible for the king of queer Wii releases, Captain Rainbow, all three of the cute-as-can-be Chibi-Robo! titles and the rather cultish (and never-released-outside-of-Japan) GiFTPiA. Oh, and it's responsible for all of those amazing Art Style DSiWare and WiiWare titles, too.

The Skip-developed Captain Rainbow featured both rainbows and
spandex. To say it was a dream come true for me would be
an understatement of unfathomable proportions.

Anyway, it seems the hardworking folks at Skip are getting ready to release a few more games. According to a number of other gaming sites, Australia's OFLC recently rated two of the developer's titles (both of which will be published by Nintendo): Light Trax and Penta Tentacles.

Will they be DS titles or will they be Wii titles? The powers that be at Nintendo and Skip are the only ones who know the answer to that question as of now. It should go without saying, however, that both will be must-buys for the WTF set.



Viewtiful_Justin said...

I've never heard of Captian Rainbow. Was that a U.S. release?

Bryan Ochalla said...

You never heard of it? It was published it Japan by Nintendo early last year. Completely bombed. Likely wasn't brought to the US because it was considered too quirky -- and possibly "too gay." (Can't say that for certain, as I don't think anyone at NOA has ever talked about it publicly). I'd import it, but it seems you need to know Japanese to enjoy it at all. Drat.