Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tetraptych of classic gaming magazines

Yesterday's post about the return of Diehard GameFan got me thinking about all the gaming magazines I bought (or, rather, my parents bought for me) as a kid.

Honestly, I think I (er, they) single-handedly kept a number of magazine publishers afloat back in the day thanks to my (their) unwavering support.

Although most of the magazines--including DieHard GameFan, Electronic Gaming Monthly, GamePro, Nintendo Power and Video Games and Computer Entertainment--I accumulated over the years are sitting in the basement of my parents' house as we speak, a few--such as the ones in the tetraptych below--can be found in the basement of the home I now share with my husband.

I actually flip through some of them now and then--not just so I can read (again) about the games that used to fill my days (and nights), but so I can marvel at the ads that promoted those games, too.

Do any of you still have a stash of gaming magazines ("classic" or otherwise) sitting in your closet or basement?

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