Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm guessing this was a precursor to the propeller suit?

If so, I have just one thing to say to Shigeru Miyamoto: What in the hell were you thinking?

The propeller suit introduced in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is nice and all, but it in no way compares to the awesomeness of this:

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. What you see in the image above is Mario
(and two of his toad-ish companions) in a chicken suit!

The image above was included in a recent Nintendo of Japan recruitment pamphlet, by the way. Additional images from this pamphlet can be found here.

(Thanks to NeoGAF's mehdi_san for scanning and sharing this and other images.)

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

Eeek. I may have to be the voice of reason here...CHICKEN SUIT?! I thought the Bee suit from SMG was going a little far. But a CHICKEN SUIT?! I'm glad they picked the propeller hat. I actually like it the most.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha ha! Well, I guess this is a case of "different strokes for different folks," Justin :) I loved the bee suit in SMG! Surprisingly, I don't love the penguin suit in NSMB Wii. That said, I think the chicken suit would have complemented the penguin suit quite well. Plus, it would have made for some hilariously comical situations, I think -- can you imagine four chicken-suited characters on screen at once?

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oh my gosh. That would have been hysterical! Or hey, throw in two chickens and two penguins and call it a fowl day. :-P Ouch.

Bryan Ochalla said...

My mom would love you, Justin, as she's quite punny herself :)

Oh, and I'd love to see two chickens and two penguins fight it out, esp. if the chicken-suited characters made clucking sounds.