Thursday, March 04, 2010

Suggestions? I'm all ears ...

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but I've refrained from doing so for a number of reasons. OK, so there's just one reason: I'm pretty sure only one or two people will respond!

Just in case I'm wrong, I'll go ahead and ask: What do you like about this blog? What don't you like about it?

Would you like to see more of something, or less of something? Would you like to see more features, interviews or reviews, for instance, or do you get your fill of those things from other blogs and sites?

I guess what I'm asking is: What brought you to this blog, and what would get you to come back more often? Oh, and what, if anything, would get you to comment more often?

Like I said in the header, I'm all ears!


Viewtiful_Justin said...

I like this site how it is, honestly. I get most of my gaming news here. You seem to be current and you always talk about things I'm into. Plus, a gay sensibility (whatever that is) doesn't hurt!

I'm always happy when you post about games you're playing or games that I can play online. Those always keep me occupied for longer than they should.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Thanks, Justin :)

I really would like to post a few gay-gaming-focused features and interviews now and then -- especially since The Advocate is no longer an option for such things. Of course, the editors there only accepted a small fraction of the gaming-related ideas I sent them, so I should have used this blog for such things all along.

Now I just have to muster up the energy to complete them :)

Mischievous Lumi said...

It's a good blog that's for sure. I would like to hear more personal opinions of your gaming experiences that you've played so far. Also a great header would add more to the appeal, but this is just me and my ideals for a blog. Lol.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, funny you should mention a better header, Luminairis! I'm actually waiting for a particularly wonderful artist to make one for me. Hopefully he'll be able to get to it soon.

As for your suggestion to talk more about my gaming experiences -- I'll be sure to do more of that from now on. I've always been a bit shy about that for some reason, but I'll do my best to not be so shy moving forward :)

Kevin said...

I enjoy your blog. I have it on my google reader. I'm biased, but I'd love to hear more about the PS3. How sexy Sev from Killzone 2 and Kratos from God of War 3 is. LOL

Just kidding. :-)

Bryan Ochalla said...

Thanks for the comment/suggestion, Kevin -- and thanks for following my blog :) I'll definitely do my best to talk about the PS3 (and the 360) more often!

Mischievous Lumi said...

Bryan Ochalla, I just found your Chocobo Dungeon experience post very interesting, and would love to hear more of it.

Also a word of congrats is in order. I don't know many people who actually can say they enjoy, let alone beat, a dungeon game. I almost cracked my game in half from a furious source of anger that arisen from this game.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha ha! Well, thanks for the congratulations, though I'm not sure I deserve them. As far as I can tell, Chocobo's Dungeon is pretty tame as far as roguelikes go. My experience with Chocobo's Dungeon has prompted me to seek out similar games, though, so maybe I'll write about them when I'm a bit further along in them?

Also, it seems like a few of you are suggesting I write about my gaming experiences more often. I'll definitely try to do that moving forward, though I certainly won't let those kinds of posts take over the blog or anything like that.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments/suggestions!