Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The ultimate unboxing video

Aaran Nanto, the man behind, recently posted (to YouTube) the most moving unboxing video I've ever seen.

The crew over at describe it as lying “somewhere between love story and pornography.” I couldn't have come up with a better description if I'd tried.

Hopefully Nanto's next "momento" will shine a light on another portable system that's near and dear to my heart: The PC Engine LT.

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Aaron Nanto said...

Hey Bryan! Aaron here from Just wanted to let you know about my latest film "The NEC PC-FX: A Retrospect" which gives this rare Japanese 32-bit game console some much needed love.

This was the only way I could find to let you know about the film since you don't seem to have any contact info on here or on Twitter.

PS: I'm working on getting a LT to shoot next :D