Monday, May 03, 2010

Finally! GiFTPiA in English

OK, so only the game's intro has been translated into English. You've got to start somewhere, though, right?

Anyway, the folks at translated this Animal Crossing-esque "communication adventure" game, which was developed by skip Ltd., into Italian some time ago.

If you'd like them to translate it into English, too, head on over to their site tout de suite and take part in their most recent poll.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

I watched several trailers after that video, and although I couldn't understand a word of it, it looks like a really sweet game!

Link6694 said...


That video you are showing is not by the folks at, but by me Link6694. I captured and translated this. I want people to vote in the poll but this transaltion was done by Link6694.


Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, Link6694! Actually, I didn't mean to imply in my post that the video was created/translated by the folks at, but I can see now that I wasn't very clear about that. Anyway, thank you for making and sharing the video!