Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm begging you, Nintendo, don't bring these to North America

Nintendo of Japan recently decided to add a few new morsels of game-related goodness to its Club Nintendo goodie bag.

Along with a set of New Super Mario Bros. Wii-branded remote straps, the Japanese giant will soon offer gamers what appears to be an Animal Crossing grocery bag.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I'd "buy" that grocery bag without a second thought if it ever appeared on the North American Club Nintendo site--despite the fact that I know I'd never use it.



Viewtiful_Justin said...

OMFG. If that makes the leap stateside, I'll cry. And then I'll order three of them.

Bryan Ochalla said...

In a way, I'd love to see it come stateside, just so I could order one and then use it at my local grocery store. I'm honestly not sure if I'd get strange looks or not.

Gertie said...

Why do you think you wouldn't use it?

Bryan Ochalla said...

I hate to admit it, but I'd probably be too embarrassed to use them. They're just a bit too childish/girlie.