Wednesday, December 08, 2010

So, you mean I can stop cursing Nintendo of America now?

The brass at Nintendo have made some strange decisions in recent years regarding the worldwide (or not) release of their games.

One example: Their decision to release games like Another Code: R, Disaster: Day of Crisis and Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse in Japan--and Europe, in the case of the first two titles--but not in North America. (Maybe they think Americans are anti-colon when it comes to game titles?)

Another example: Their decision to preload their "special edition" red Wii systems with a 25th anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. in Japan and Donkey Kong: Original Edition in Europe--and a big, fat nothing in North America.

Honestly, I'd run out and buy one of the red Wiis that are currently available in North America right now if it included a copy of Donkey Kong: Original Edition--despite the fact that I already own a Wii and I'd rather save that money to buy a few Famicom or PC Engine games (or maybe a PS3 or an Xbox 360).

As that isn't the case, I've spent way too much of my time cursing Nintendo of America since the red Wii was released--sans Donkey Kong: Original Edition--on Nov. 7.

Well, all of that cursing ended last night (for the most part) when I discovered that someone recently ripped the game from his/her European Wii and posted it on line. (The version I found seems to be playable on any Famicom/NES emulator.)

Don't worry, I'll hand over whatever the folks at Nintendo of America decide to charge for the game should they ever get the go-ahead to put it on their Virtual Console service.

Until that time, though, I'll enjoy playing it--using FCE Ultra GX--on my homebrew-enabled Wii.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

Well, that's a great solution for you, but I'm still kind of hating on Nintendo of America right now for being idiotfaced jerkbags. They're basically saying, "Japan? Europe? We love you guys! But the U.S.? Fuck off."

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hopefully saying this won't get me shut down or anything, but let me know if you want the ROM for this game -- I'll send it to you.

I agree with you, though, that Nintendo is being weird/stupid about these releases (esp. DK and Mario 25th). It's cash on the table! Why *wouldn't* they release them in other territories? I'm still hopeful they will eventually...