Monday, May 09, 2011

My Famicase Exhibition 2011 favorites

The standout of last year's "My Famicase Exhibition," in my humble opinion, was the humorously titled (and labeled) Burp'n'Shoot--which offered gamers a "fun lazy redneck experience" that involved "sitting on the backyard couch, drinking Budweiser and shooting at empty cans, watermelons and a broken TV."

The standout of this year's event, which shines a light on faux Famicom cartridge covers: Meteor Night, created by artist Ashley Davis and the guys behind

There's more to Meteor Night than a snazzy label; it also has a snazzy premise:

"Designed to be played with friends or a date, Meteor Night shows a peaceful sky full of 8-bit stars. Sometimes a meteor will fly across the sky. Turn down the lights, bring a blanket and snacks, and enjoy Meteor Night together."

Sounds a bit like something Shigeru Miyamoto would conjure up, doesn't it?

Meteor Night isn't the only "My Famicase Exhibition 2011" entrant that caught my attention. I'm also quite smitten with illustrator Adam Ferrando's Bubble Gal Witch USA (above), which is a "re-import of NES title Death Warlock, the US localization of Famicom's Bubble Gal Witch. Has new music, sprite art and story in the vein of 'dark fantasy', also easier difficulty!"

And then there's the following fake Famicom cart, Dokkii to Heart Garden, which seemingly brings together two of my favorite subjects: Gardening and zombies.

Go here to read about last year's event, and go here to see all 63 of this year's entrants.

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LottieTwintails said...

This makes me realize just how much better the colors/form factor of Famicom carts are compared to NES carts, but also how vulnerable I am to cute-looking box art. I would play all of these based on that alone.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Don't feel too bad, Kamiwoo -- I'm in the same boat! I'd totally play all of these games even if they sucked, thanks to the box art.

Sean said...

LOL, yes the Famicom carts are way better suited to this sort of creativity than the NES ones are!

Good find, I loved the ones last year and these look great too. I'll have to put a link on m y blog to this as well!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, Sean! Actually, I think Famicom carts may be the best suited of all cartridges for this sort of creativity!

Anyway, yes, you definitely should post a link to the exhibition on your blog, too. Can't wait to see which ones are your favorites :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

That first cart stopped me in my tracks and made me go, "What is it? I want it!" But...dang. I thought it was real.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I know! It's such a wonderful, whimsical piece of cover art, isn't it?

I'd love it if someone actually brought these ideas to life at some point.