Friday, May 06, 2011

Don't call me a podcast virgin

So, yesterday I did something I had never done before: I participated in a podcast.

A few weeks ago, the guys at Gayme Bar approached me about joining them for a cocktail and some conversation. My first thought was to decline their invitation, as I'd much rather share my thoughts about gaming via the written rather than the spoken word.

In the end, I caved--mainly because I thought it would be fun to chat about games with a couple of fellow gays.

I'm glad I did, because we had a lot of fun. After discussing this blog for a bit, we moved on to talking about our most recent acquisitions and about the topic of sex and violence in video games.

I'm not sure I made any sense whatsoever in that final segment, thanks in part to the two glasses of (cheap boxed) wine that were sloshing around in my stomach by then, but what can you do--especially when it's your first time at the rodeo, so to speak.

Hopefully I'll redeem myself on future podcasts--assuming there are other podcasts in my future, of course.

For more information about the guys Gayme Bar, or to listen to any of their previous podcasts, pay a visit to


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome, I love podcasts! I'll listen to this later on while Final Fantasy XII grinding =3

Bryan Ochalla said...

Well, I certainly hope you enjoy their backlog of podcasts, Trxd!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Is the one you're in out yet?

Bryan Ochalla said...

No, not yet. Later this week, I think?

I'm kind of dreading it, to tell you the truth. I really enjoyed doing it, but the idea of people listening to me speak makes me want to puke! :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Then don't listen. I'll tell you you sounded great, and you won't have to have a contrary opinion.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha ha! OK, Justin, you have a deal. Or, you can listen to it, hate it and then not tell me you listened to it :P