Friday, July 08, 2011


Have you noticed anything new about this blog in the last week or so? No, I'm not talking about the ads (more on them in a minute, by the way); I'm talking about the length of time it takes to load the darn thing!

Silly me, I've been thinking all this time that it was just my computer. You know, maybe I had to restart it or clean out my cookies or something. Last night, though, the hubs wanted to check out the blog. For at least 30 seconds he sat staring at a sea of pink.

Even then, I thought it was probably just related to our router or something. (Yes, I'm naive.) Until this morning, when one of you told me the blog was loading slowly for you, too.

Unfortunately, I don't have a clue as to what would be causing this problem. It can't be the ads, since they weren't added until last night.

The good news is that I've posted a question about the situation in Blogger's help forum. Hopefully someone there will be able to help me sooner rather than later. If any of you have any ideas as to what could be slowing this blog to a crawl, please let me know. I'm certainly up for hearing any and all suggestions at this point.

As for those above-mentioned ads: I hope they don't completely bug any of you--or at least don't bug you enough that you stop coming to this blog.

Why did I add them to the blog after all of this time? Well, my answer is pretty simple, really: I thought they might help me bring in enough money to buy an extra game a month or something like that. If that doesn't happen, though, I'll drop them--no ifs, ands or buts.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oh, the ads don't bug me at all. And when I logged on this afternoon, it was as quick as ever. How strange.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Great! Yes, I think getting rid of that script did the trick. Strange that it took so long to affect the site, but whatever...

Sean said...

The ads don't bother me either. I'm always tempted by that "monetize" button on my dashboard. Maybe someday I'll follow suit:)

Glad that whatever technical difficulties you had have been resolved!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Thanks, Sean! I wouldn't rush to follow in my footsteps by pressing that "monetize" button yet -- as of now, it seems I'll make little (VERY little) money thanks to the ads. I'm going to give them a few weeks, and if it seems like they're going to be a waste of time and space, I'm going to get rid of them.