Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Queer pixels

One of my favorite gayming-related tumblogs, Video Games Made Me Gay, recently turned me on to a similarly themed (and similarly fabulous) tumblog called 48 Pixeles.

I'm not yet sure why it's called 48 Pixeles, to tell you the truth, but it really doesn't matter. What does matter: It shines a light on gay-positive illustrations that were created by the tumblog's proprietor (or is it proprietress?) by combing--and sometimes slightly editing--game sprites.

This Yie Ar Kung-Fu image perfectly exemplifies the content of this wonderfully fun--and totally gay--tumblog:

This Final Fantasy V-inspired illustration is pretty darn magnificent, too, don't you think?

I'm also quite fond of this Bomberman-inspired one:

Other games currently represented on 48 Pixeles: The Adventures of Link, Harvest Moon, Ice ClimberThe Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Ganbare Goemon), Maniac Mansion and Tetris.

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LottieTwintails said...

Hah, this is great, thanks for sharing! I'm particularly fond of the FFV one there, but that's my FFV fanboyism talking, I'm sure =p

I'll go check out the others now... gotta love sprites, they make everything better!

Bryan Ochalla said...

You're welcome, Kamiwoo! And, yes, the FFV one is my fave, too. FFV fanboys represent! LOL :)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

OH MY GOD. New favorite tumblr. Thanks for sharing!

Bryan Ochalla said...

You're welcome, Justin! Keep up the good work on your tumblog, too :)