Monday, January 02, 2012

Is Mickey Mouse sticking his nose where I think he's sticking it?

Artist Ashley Anderson recently shared (on his facebook page) the following "sneak peak" of a piece he was producing for a show at Beep Beep Gallery in Atlanta.

Is it wrong that my initial reaction to this piece was, "Where'd he get those strawberry sprites?"

The Mickey-centric and probably-not-certified-by-Disney image above takes up but a small portion of the completed illustration, which is called "The Human Centerpiece," by the way. Check it out in all of its not-entirely-safe-for-work glory after the jump.

Just in case anyone cares: "The Human Centerpiece" (as always, click on it to take a closer look at it) is a pigment transfer on triangle panel.

To see more of Anderson's work, head on over to his blog, his etsy shop or his Flickr photostream.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Oh my word. That's certainly...something. Ha! I'd be curious to know where the strawberry sprites came from, too.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yes, Justin, it's certainly ... something, isn't it? I think I'm going to have to ask him about those strawberry sprites, BTW...