Thursday, February 16, 2012

Acquisition #123: Patchwork Heroes

Full disclosure: I don't actually own 123 games--or at least I don't think I do. Honestly, I've never counted my collection, and I don't plan on doing so anytime soon. (I'm not sure I want to know how many titles I've purchased over the years, to tell you the truth.)

I had to attach some sort of number to this post, though, so I went with 123.

Expect to see headlines similar to the one above pop up here and there from now on, by the way. I'm tired of writing headers that are akin to "Hey, I just bought another PSP game!" so pretty much all future posts related to acquisitions will become part of this "series."

Anyway, enough about that. As the headline above suggests, my 123rd-ish acquisition is the puzzler-esque PSP game, Patchwork Heroes.

Because Patchwork Heroes is a PSN-only release, I can't share any photos of this purchase. (The box art on the right belongs to the Japanese UMD version, which is known as Hyaku- manton no Bara Bara.) I can share a few impressions of it, though--despite the fact that I've only played a bit of it thus far.

Basically, the game is a bit like a buffed-up (and inverted) version of Taito's arcade classic, Qix. That's not the most accurate comparison, I have to admit, but it is the best one, as far as I'm concerned. What that means in practice: Players control a blue-hatted lad named Titori, who has been tasked with protecting his fellow citizens from what can only be described as a never-ending stream of colossal, bomb-wielding warships. How does he achieve that objective? Why, by latching onto said ships and bringing them down by cutting them into pieces.

I'd like to save the rest of my thoughts on this addictive, charming title for a "somewhat gay review" that will be published shortly. I can already tell you, though, that the gist of said review will be that I heartily recommend Patchwork Heroes to anyone who has a PSP and 10 bucks to spare.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Since the first video of the game you posted here, I've hard a raging chubby for this game. Sadly, I probably won't ever play it, since I don't have and don't intend to buy a PSP.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Honestly, Justin, it's probably my favorite PSP game thus far. It's one of those perfect pick-up-and-play games, and the graphics and music really make it something special. The only thing knocking it down a peg or two in my mind: Neither the d-pad nor the analog nub are optimal for controlling the main character. Anyway, it's a great little game, but I wouldn't pick up a PSP just for it, to tell you the truth.

David said...

From only following your blog for a short time, Bryan, I suspect you have way more than 123 games. . . I mean, you have three copies of Rhythm Heaven alone, for goodness' sake!!!

As you suggest, you're probably better off never knowing. I intend to count my DS carts someday, but at the rate I buy used and discounted games, I fear the number is closer to 100 than 50. I almost shudder to think of the total cost. Not that I would have used the money wisely if I hadn't been gaming...

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ok, David, you're probably right :) Still, I really don't want to know. Also, I don't want my husband to know. He'd probably divorce me if he knew how many games (and systems) were stashed throughout our house.

I'm glad to hear I'm not alone, by the way. 100 DS games? Wow! I think I have somewhere between 25 and 35 myself.

I'd love to hear what you consider to be your favorite DS games, by the way, given your experience with them!

Unknown said...

Can't wait for your full review, Bryan! I definitely should pick this one up. I even have $50 of PSN credit at the moment... Have been saving it up for something good.

Shame you can't have that lovely cover, though! It's a little hard to make out but the art style is really unique, eh?

And I agree with David – I'm sure you have FAR more than 123 games, haha ;)

Bryan Ochalla said...

I'm hoping to have the review up next week or early the week after that, Anne. It would be up sooner, I think, but I really want to get the Hakuoki review up first.

I think Patchwork Heroes is well worth your $9.99, by the way. And you'd still have $40 left over for something else!

As for the headline I came up with for this cover: Yeah, I probably should have called it Acquisition #234 at the very least, but I was more comfortable with #123 :P