Thursday, February 02, 2012

The awesome alternate covers of the Nintendo 3DS Card Case 18

About a month ago, Nintendo of Japan added to its Club Nintendo reward stash something called the Nintendo 3DS Card Case 18.

Admittedly, the item's name isn't the most creative--although it is descriptive. (As you've probably already guessed, the Nintendo 3DS Card Case 18 is an accessory that holds up to 18 DS and/or 3DS cards.)

I don't know this for sure, but I have a feeling the case's name is lacking in creativity because its designers focused all of their attention on its awesome alternate covers.

You see, although the case's standard cover, seen in the photo above, is a bit bland, its alternate covers (each "order" comes with three of them) are anything but. For example, here's one that includes sprites from The Legend of Zelda:

Additional covers--featuring Bowser, Mario, Pikmin's Olimar and more--can be seen in this Flickr photo set.

These cases are now available via the North American Club Nintendo "shop," too, by the way. They're called "Nintendo 3DS Game Card Cases" (I guess the "18" part was too exciting for them) in this region, but the alternate covers appear to be the same.


Kaze said...

Nintendo emailed me the other day announcing this, but I think you've officially sold me on spending my hard earned virtual coins for it! (I'll have to wait a little longer for the Hanafuda cards lol)

Bryan Ochalla said...

That's great, Kaze! Honestly, I prepped this post about a week ago, after seeing these photos on Flickr--and before NOA announced it was releasing the cases here. Anyway, I'm glad the post prompted you to pick one (or more?) of them up. I think I'm going to get one, too--even though I probably won't use it. (I never even think of leaving the house with more than one DS or 3DS game.)

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Well, I found what I'm spending my coins on. Thanks, Bryan! No contest here.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Great! If you get one before I do, Justin, let me know what you think of them, will you?

Darwin said...

The covers are really nice.

I picked up a couple similar cases in Japan - holds 18 3ds/ds games each. I don't know why they don't just sell them here. I've only seen really bulky looking things in the US.

Also picked up a sleak Vita game case - it's just sitting there waiting to be filled!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, the covers are the selling point for me, Darwin--especially since I really don't have a need for such a case :P

As for your Vita case: Jealous! When are you planning to pick up a Vita, BTW? And what games are you planning to buy for it?

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I ordered mine today. I was just saying yesterday how I hated that the DS cases would fit 2 3DS games, but the third wouldn't fit because of its little side tab thingy. So...this is great!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, that's great, Justin! These should be right up your alley, then. I'm thinking of ordering at least one myself soon...

Terry said...

I ordered two cases and love 'em. I'm using the Zelda cover for my RPGs and the big red Mario for everything else. I have plenty of DS/3DS games, so I may have to start filling out a ton of surveys to get a third. Heh.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Consider me jealous, Terry! I really love the looks of these cases, but I just can't get myself to spend the CN points to get one at the moment. Gah!

Darwin said...

Hey, late response. I ordered the Vita through Amazon, so on launch day - but I think I might be out of town :/.

I'm planning to get Marvel vs. Capcom, but I'm more looking forward to playing the PSP RPGs (btw, I didn't know PSP games were compatible at launch, I thought I read otherwise, but thats a relief).

So Bryan, are you planning to get one? If so, would you go digital downloads or physical copies?

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, that's great -- that you ordered one, not that you'll be gone when it arrives :|

When you say PSP games are compatible, you're talking about the downloadable, PSN versions of PSP games, right?

As for whether or not I'll be getting a Vita: Probably at some point, but not for at least a year (if not two). I'm still filling out my PSP catalog, which I also bought late in the game (pun intended), and my 3DS catalog, too, so there's really no room in my budget (or house) for another system.

When I do get one, though, I'll likely still get physical copies of most games. I just like owning and holding game boxes and manuals, etc., you know? I realize this is going to come to an end sooner rather than later, though, so I really should embrace DD at some point.

How about you, BTW? Will you be buying digital or physical copies for the most part?

Darwin said...

I'm a bit undecided on digital or physical for the Vita. I started going digital only for the PSP once I got the Go. But I downloaded a few crappy games that I wish I could have just sold off.

Also I like bargain bin diving for handheld games. That's one of my favorite activities when travelling :). And I also like owning physical copies of games, for the reasons you mentioned.

It does seem owning digital copies will in a way future proof things where you can play it on the next console. At least that would be more likely than owning a physical copy of the game.

Oddly, I read that the load times are better if you have the physical copy of the game.

Bryan Ochalla said...

All good points, Darwin. In a way, I think I'm going to have to be forced to go digital-only. At the moment, I only buy digital versions of games when that's the only option--such as for the Cladun games and Patchwork Heroes for the PSP (or Pushmo and Freakyforms for the 3DS). Otherwise, I pretty much always go for physical releases.

I agree, though, that buying digital copies of games *should* help future-proof things (by letting you buy a copy of, say, a Vita game now and then play it on the Vita's successor, too). That said, I wouldn't bet on that saving us, either, as I'm guessing publishers will do their best to get us to buy a single game as many times as possible.

As for your comment on physical copies of Vita games loading faster than digital copies: How weird is that? I wonder what the explanation is for something like that? Shouldn't it be the opposite??