Thursday, March 22, 2012

Manual Stimulation: Pro Tennis World Court (PC Engine)

The instruction manual included with every copy of Namcot's Pro Tennis World Court for the PC Engine begins rather boringly, if you ask me, with the cover art shown below. (That said, I quite like the perspective used. Bravo to the illustrator responsible for it!)

The first two pages aren't much more interesting--unless you like adorably-drawn anime-ish girls in tennis drag--but I'm including them anyway because of the sticky note that's attached to the second one. I'm guessing the scribbles that cover said note are codes for the game's RPG-esque "quest" mode?

Here's how the same pair of pages look when not obscured by a sticky note, in case anyone cares:

The instruction manual's next pages are pretty yawn-inducing, too--until you notice the image that takes up a portion of the lower right-hand corner. Is that a warrior-ish tennis player attacking a zombified tennis player? Yes, I think it is.

The next few pages aren't anywhere near as exciting, unfortunately. Just more instructions related to how to play the game and more illustrations of wide-eyed, anime-esque tennis players of both genders. Ho hum.

Actually, "ho hum" could be used to describe the next eight or so pages, too. So, let's fast forward past them, shall we?

A ha! Now we're talking. More warrior-ish and zombified tennis players. I especially love the angular racket being used by the guy in the right-hand corner. Also, I'm sad that the opponents you face in Pro Tennis World Court's aforementioned quest mode don't actually look like the Jason Voorhees wannabee to his left.

The pair of pages above aren't as thrilling, but I'm including them here because I like the look on the warrior-ish tennis player's face (and because he's holding what appears to be a radioactive tennis ball).

The final two pages of Pro Tennis World Court's instruction manual veer back toward the mundane, I'm afraid. Oh, well, at least we were treated to illustrations of a few zombie-esque tennis players, right?

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

Whoa. I scrolled up, and the first page that caught my eye was that warrior wizard dude with the glowing ball...and I looked at another page and went, "Wait...what? Tennis?"

Adam said...

I was thinking the same as Justin. He looks like he got dropped out of Dragon Quest

Bryan Ochalla said...

Justin: Yeah, I'd guess that's a pretty typical reaction to this manual. I mean, it isn't often you see warriors and zombies in a tennis game :)

Bryan Ochalla said...

Adam: That likely was the point of the folks who produced this game and manual, as the over world of the game's RPG/quest mode mimics the over worlds seen in the Dragon Quest series.