Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I'd buy this game for its cover art alone if I actually owned a PS Vita

Did a feeling of déjà vu wash over you when you first glanced at the following piece of box art?

That wouldn't surprise me given that an edited version of the illustration that takes up the majority of said box art's acreage was included in this recent post about the same game.

Anyway, although I've heard that Dokuro, a platformer-puzzler made by the folks at Gamearts, will see the light of day in North America, I've yet to hear when that will happen. (It'll hit the streets of Japan--and PSN, too--on July 5, according to andriasang.com.)

Thankfully, it's doubtful the US version will receive a physical release like its Japanese counterpart--which means I can hold off on picking up a PS Vita for at least a few more months.


Zigfried said...

For some reason, I really like this cover. Must resist! (At least until Ys 4 comes out.)

Bryan Ochalla said...

No, don't resist! That way you can play it and then let me know what you think of it :)

Milki said...

Hmm, I wouldn't be too sure about this not getting a physical release.. depending on who's gonna localise it, I could very much see this on shelves, especially in Europe. Since the Vita is still so very new and so little games are actually released for it in the West, I'd say most publishers, especially Sony themselves, will try to publish as much as possible in retail, to push sales.

And this game might have a niche appeal, due to it's art, but I'd say puzzle platformers aren't that much of a niche genre. :)

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey, I'll gladly welcome a physical release of this game, miruki! That said, I'm not too hopeful about it getting a physical release in the US. I think Europe, though, is much more likely. Anyway, I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Also, I agree with you that puzzler-platformers in general aren't a niche genre, but this game certainly feels niche-y to me. That's mainly due to the art style, of course, but even the two-dimensional nature makes it a bit niche in this day and age, IMO.