Monday, June 04, 2012

My entirely reasonable wish list for E3 2012

E3 2012 starts tomorrow. Here are a few of the things I hope to see--or at least hear about--between then and the end of the event on Thursday.

* Acknowledgement that Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming to North America--And soon. Granted, I'll buy this 3DS game whether it hits store shelves next month or next year. Next month would be preferable, though.

* A final name and release date for the North American version of Animal Crossing 3DS--Oh, and a few details that make me a bit more excited about this particular entry. A much-improved online aspect would fit the bill, I think.

* A number of completely new and unexpected 3DS game announcements--From both Nintendo and third parties, if possible.

* Glimpses (in-game ones, especially) of a few first-party Wii U games--I don't care which ones. I'll take anything at this point. Well, anything other than Metroid x Star Fox. Also, as much as I'd love to see a new 3D Mario title, I'd prefer to be shown something new and unique. That said, footage of a near-final Pikmin 3 surely would make me swoon. (For a bit of pre-E3 news about the Wii U, check out the "Nintendo Direct" video that was posted on Nintendo's website yesterday evening.)

* Signs that Sony and third parties aren't completely giving up on the Vita--A nice price drop would be welcomed with open arms, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

* Teases (or, hell, even whispers from anonymous sources) related to Microsoft's and Sony's next consoles--Surely they aren't going to let Nintendo have the E3 spotlight all to itself? Even if they do combat the Kyoto-based Mario maker, though, I don't expect them to talk about anything concrete.

Anyway, that's my fairly reasonable wish list for this event. What are some of the things (games, systems, whatever) all of you are hoping to see or hear about during this year's E3?


Viewtiful_Justin said...

Metroid x Star Fox? O_o Can I just say that I love a good crossover, but that sounds like it would be a bad plan.

I'm just excited to hear anything at all. Each and every E3 has made me excited to be a gamer. And this is the first E3 where I have a current gen console that isn't Nintendo, so...that'll be interesting!

Adam said...

I plan to wait until E3 until all the good news passes. It's dissapointed me every year since they almost busted in creation and decided to "remake" themselves.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Justin: You haven't heard that rumor? Most consider it to be bunk now -- which makes me very happy. I also can't imagine such a crossover :|

Speaking of preparing for E3: Have you seen the latest "Nintendo Direct," which was posted to Nintendo's website yesterday? It features some interesting Wii U info:

Anyway, I hear you about being excited to hear anything at all :)

Chalgyr said...

Some perfectly good, fair points here. As someone who's curious about Fire Emblem myself, I would love to see more info on it. And I agree - some more showing of support for the Vita would certainly encourage my eventual acquisition of one.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Adam: I hear ya. It can be hard to put up with all of the info that flows from the E3 conferences. I can't help but pay attention to it as it happens, but I also understand wanting to wait until all of it (the info) is out in the open so you can deal with it all at once.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, Chalgyr! I'm glad to hear someone else is looking forward to Fire Emblem. As for the Vita: It will be interesting to see what Sony brings to the table regarding it. I really doubt we'll hear about a price drop, but they'd better have some good games to reveal...

MimiPRGameFreak said...

I'm actually looking forward to see some games of Wii U. I'm already impressed with ZombiU already. Want to see the gameplay of it though. Nintendo step up their game with the graphics, but I want to see some awesome games other than Mario. I wasn't thinking of getting the Wii U, but now I might change my mind.

I saw the gameplay of The Last of Us for the PS3 and boy that made me cream myself. I'm even more hyped about that game. That game is so on my want list lol.

- The Girl Gamer

diaglyph said...

The Starfox x Metroid crossover has been debunked, so don't worry :)

I really liked Nintendo Direct video from yesterday. The Miiverse stuff was quite interesting (besides that cringey video of the guy playing the zombie game LOL and the non-specific action figure hehe). I like how the Miis congregate around the game icons in the Wii U menu.

Looking forward to the E3 presentation :)
I want to know of dates for:
- Paper Mario
- Fire Emblem

On a side note, I've preordered Heroes of Ruin - can't wait ;)
Will you be getting it Bryan?

Bryan Ochalla said...

The Girl Gamer: Welcome back! I, too, want to see more games from Nintendo (and others) and more games that feature someone other than Mario. Don't get me wrong, I love Mario, but I want Nintendo to create new characters and experiences, too.

Sadly, we didn't get that during the E3 presentation -- well, other than Pikmin 3. Hopefully Nintendo itself will show more of the games they're working on for Wii U (you know that aren't just working on Nintendo Land, New SMB U and Wii Fit U) soon...

Bryan Ochalla said...

Igor: I know the Star Fox x Metroid rumor had been debunked. I included it here as a joke :P

I liked the Nintendo Direct video, too. In fact, I think I liked it more than the proper E3 presentation. It seems Nintendo is going to jump into the online waters big time with Wii U and I couldn't be happier.

Not sure if you just watched the E3 presentation or not, but if not, rest assured that both Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2 were mentioned (and holiday 2012 release dates were announced).

No word on Fire Emblem yet. I'm guessing it'll be mentioned tomorrow, during the 3DS Software Showcase, if at all. Fingers crossed...