Friday, June 08, 2012

Pretty in Pikmin

While surfing the web for Pikmin art that could be used to wallpaper my MacBook (yeah, I'm that kind of nerd--or is it dork?), I came across the creation below.

The waving Rock Pikmin is adorable, of course, but the little pink Pikmin (I wonder what it's official name will be?) flitting around in the upper-left corner is really what caught my attention.

It was produced by artist Jared D. Weiss and published on his tumblog, The Works & Derps of Jared D. Weiss, a few days ago, in case you're curious about such things.

Anyway, as I'm sure you've already surmised, I'm fully obsessed with all things Pikmin at the moment. As such, here's hoping the Wii U and Pikmin 3 are released as soon as possible--and at a price that forces me to pick up both of them on day one.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

So cute. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the flying Pikmin at the end of that trailer. INTERESTING!

Bryan Ochalla said...

I actually missed it the first few times through the trailer, Justin. Anyway, I can't wait to see more of it :)

Adam said...

I'm glad pikmin 3 is finally arriving

Bryan Ochalla said...

Me, too, Adam! Absolutely can't wait to give it a whirl :)