Thursday, July 05, 2012

One more reason to pick up Kirby's Dream Collection later this year

If I hadn't made up my mind some time ago to buy Kirby's Dream Collection as soon as it lands on our shores this autumn (on Sept. 19, to be exact), I'd certainly have done so after watching the video below--of an orchestra performing a special Kirby medley that will appear on the music CD included with this Wii compilation--earlier today.

Thanks to the video above, I've also made up my mind about something else Kirby-related--with that "something else" being that, as soon as I've got the time, I'm going to play through Kirby's Epic Yarn once again. I absolutely adored that title's orchestral-esque soundtrack.

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Matt Sainsbury said...

Bah. I wasn't going to get Kirby. But I can't resist orchestral music.

I hope that's part of the Aussie edition.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Matt: Just realize that as far as I'm aware, the only orchestral music on the soundtrack is this medley. The rest was just pulled from the games.

Still, this medley is pretty darn sweet, isn't it?

I would guess it'll be part of every edition, by the way. I mean, wasn't the Mario Collection the same in every region?

Zack said...

@Matt Sainsbury at this moment in time the Kirby collection is not coming to Australia :(

Bryan Ochalla said...

Zack: I have to imagine it'll be announced at some point, though, don't you think?

Reggie White Jr. said...

Wow, that sounds beautiful. Already more effort being put into this release than the Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I agree, Reggie. I wish it included a few more games (the GB spin-offs, especially), but other than that it seems like a pretty great little collection.