Saturday, July 07, 2012

You really can't have too much Mario-inspired art, can you?

Does the headline above--or, rather, the fact that just a few words of it flow into the second line--drive any of you nuts?

Honestly, it drives me nuts, but I'm too lazy right now to rewrite it in a way that will be less annoying.

Anyway, who cares about that, right? We're hear to talk about Mario-inspired art! Specifically, we're here to talk about the Mario-inspired art seen in the photo below (and here).

It was made by "The Artist Known as SUIKA™," by the way. (Sorry for the playful editorializing there, SUIKA.)

Oh, and the Mario sprite that's front and center on this canvas was pulled from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, a GameBoy Color title released in 2000.

To see more of this talented artist's stuff, check out


Tom Badguy said...

That is pretty tight.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, Tom! I agree :)

Frank Fuentes said...

That's awesome. It inspires me to do something similar. Hmm.

And yes, the headline bothers me too. :(

Bryan Ochalla said...

Frank: Ah, if it inspires you, that's great!

As for the bothersome header: Sorry. I should know better than to leave "widdows" when I write headlines, but sometimes I can't help myself. It is, after all, just a blog, right?

SUIKA said...

Thanks everybody! Bryan, you spoil me with all this attention! Yeah this one came out quite well, though.. A friend of mine says he prefers it when I collage and customize and put misleading text on my paintings. Me too. I would do more but.. I do gifts so often. And people want simpler compositions like this. It's okay too, I guess. What do you think? Also, playful editorializing yeah man!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, SUIKA! Nah, I'm not spoiling you. You deserve all the attention you can get -- and then some :)

As much as I love this piece, I have to agree with your friend: I prefer it when you collage and put text over your paintings. It adds depth to the aesthetic, in my opinion.

That said, your simpler compositions are great, too. I especially like the crop you did on this one. Keeps it from being your typical Mario headshot, you know?

Anyway, keep up the awesome work. I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with next :)