Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Handre De Jager's BurgerTime

When Data East's BurgerTime was ported to the NES in 1985, its box art looked like this:

South African illustrator, animator, 3D modeler and digital music composer Handre De Jager thinks it should have looked more like the image below, given "the [often] inaccurate nature of 80's and early 90's video game cover art."

Although I can't say I agree entirely--mainly because I'm pretty fond of the box art we ended up with--I also can't say I dislike De Jager's illustration.

That said, it is a bit frightening, isn't it? Honestly, I'm not sure which aspect scares me more: The hot dog, the pickle or the egg.

(Thanks to Twitter user Alchemlx for turning me on to this creation.)


Viewtiful_Justin said...

The egg. Eek.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, that face is especially spooky, isn't it? Yikes!

warp said...

I've always thought that being tracked down by a giant hot dog who wants to have his way with me is kinda hot.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha! You would think that, wouldn't you, warp? ;)

Marco Grande Arbitro said...

we used to play! It was a lot of fun

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, yes, it is fun, isn't it, Marco? I really love this kind of old arcade game -- the type put out by Data East, Namco, Nintendo, Taito, etc.