Tuesday, October 02, 2012

THE 'DENPA' MEN QR codes for all of you dreadfully shy types

Now that all of you who own 3DSes have purchased THE "DENPA" MEN from the eShop (ahem), and since you've all advanced to the point where you can scan QR codes (right?), I thought I'd share a few of the ones that were generated by my personal favorite "Denpa" men and women.

Please share photos of your own QR codes in the comments section of this post, if you're open to such things.

The name of this "Denpa" man is Aarav. His antenna produces "Mud Stream."

The "Denpa" man in the photo above is known as Leonidas, and his antenna provides him with the "Cyclone" skill. Whoosh!

Want to send waves of water at your enemies? Add pig-nosed Joshua (and his "Tidal Wave" skill) to your party.

For some strange reason, I have a huge soft spot for "Denpa" men with mustaches, like ol' Theodore above. (His antenna allows him to use "Avalanche," by the way.)

I'm sad to say I haven't even used Joaquin and his "Fire Wall" skill yet. Soon!

I can't say so with any certainty, but I'm pretty sure Jadon, above, is a "Denpa" woman. Regardless, you've got to love those lips and swirls (even if she doesn't have an antenna).

Also part of the "Swirly 'Denpa' Men Club" is Colby, who's antenna eventually evolves to allow for the use of "Full Heal."

I don't know why, but I love the banana-like nose (and puckered mouth) on Jabari, above, who's currently showcasing the "Rising Flames" antenna.

Bentlee, above, is a bit of a sourpuss, but I keep him (her?) around due to his "Medium Heal (All)" skill--which I'm hoping will evolve into "Full Heal (All)" eventually, although I'm not going to bet on it.

I'm sorry some of the QR codes included in the photos above are clearer than others, by the way. You should be able to successfully scan them, though, if you click on and enlarge each one individually so that they take up most of your computer screen. If any of them just won't work for you, though, let me know and I'll try to snap a better one.

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Adam said...

That's a pretty neat idea for game makers to do now.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Maybe I'll get through the forest today...hopefully that'll grant me access to the QR tool.

Bryan Ochalla said...

It is, isn't it, Adam? One thing that kind of sucks about its implementation here: You have to snap a photo of your screen and pass that along instead of being able to share them on the Internet, etc., directly from the 3DS a la Freakyforms and Pushmo.

Bryan Ochalla said...

I'm pretty sure you'll get the PC (which allows you to scan QR codes) after you beat the forest, Justin, but don't quote me on that. Regardless, I look forward to seeing some of your Denpa men/women sometime soon!

Also, I'll share more of mine later in the week :)

aerialpig said...

I got them, thank you so much! It just stinks that they all came at level 1. Is that common? Even their antennae were demoted. My guys are around level 32 now. But I know your additions are going to be really useful. They'll also level up very quickly. I look forward to the dual red-blue ones...they'll serve me well in the Volcano island. Thanks again! ♥

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, aerialpig! Yes, it's common for 'Denpa' men obtained via QR code to revert to level 1 and have demoted antennas. In fact, it's not just common, it's how it always is :| Still, like you said, they'll level up quickly.

Please share some of yours, if you're willing and able. I'd love to see them!

Melody (Lizzi) said...

Hey you have a red 3DS?
A friend of mine bought herself the new pink 3DS and she totally fell in love with it.
But she really wanted to get the special Peach-edition.


And I really wish I could get the Toad-3DS.
But now got the black and gold Zelda-Edition.

This one:

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yep, I have a red one. I wanted a pink one, but my parents -- who bought me a 3DS for Christmas last year -- couldn't find one. Oh, well.

I like the Peach and Toad 3DSes, too, Melody! Too bad Nintendo of American never gave us North American gamers a chance to win one :|

I like that Zelda 3DS, too, of course. Hell, I love all 3DSes, I think! Well, except for the red and blue 3DS XLs...

Viewtiful_Justin said...

I got through the forest, but no PC. Just a bigger house. So...maybe after the lake cave (which kicked my ass unexpectedly when I ran into 2 stingrays with their crowd-killing tail slashes) I'll get it.

Bryan Ochalla said...

That has to be it, Justin. I'm surprised they make you get so far before making it available to you, although it makes sense in a way (i.e., it keeps you from 'breaking' the game).

Keep at it, though, as adding additional Denpa men through QR codes is well worth the hassle :)

Melody (Lizzi) said...

I had the chance to win one of those cute special-edition-3DS'es and I tried.
But sadly I never won one. :(
Have you seen the new 3DS colours? (purple, orange and green):


I think they look so ugly >.<

Bryan Ochalla said...

Melody: I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure the photo of those 3DSes is old (taken when the system was first unveiled).

Also, the purple 3DS has been available in the US for a while now. Isn't it available in Europe yet?

Melody (Lizzi) said...

Uhm I've never seen one in a store here O_____O
Yea I know this photo is older but it shows the colours I meant ^^
But these colours are quite new here (I think) :)

Bryan Ochalla said...

I have a feeling the purple 3DS isn't available in Europe yet. Not sure why, unfortunately.

I have to imagine more colors will be released over time, and green and orange certainly seem to be good possibilities.

The question is: How long will Nintendo continue to support/sell the original 3DS? I hope it'll be for a while...

lesshonor said...

Hey, this is honorless from GAF leaving that QR code for Bently! Hope it works for you. I'm not far enough in the game to be able to test it.


Bryan Ochalla said...

Thank you, honorless! I really appreciate it :)

It definitely works, by the way. So, if you have any other cool 'Denpa' Men you'd like to share, by all means do so!

I'm going to share a few more of my own this weekend, I think, so be on the lookout for them if you're interested.

Retro Video Gaming said...

Cool! I haven't seen this game before but I will definitely download it for my 3DS ^_^
Btw, I added your friend code, mine is 0919-9625-6029 :D

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