Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 North American 3DS games I'm looking forward to playing in 2013

As great as 2012 was for me and my 3DS (the same can't be said for my wallet), 2013 looks to be even better in terms of high-quality releases.

Which games am I most looking forward to shoving into my 3DS' cartridge slot over the next 12 months? Here's 10 of them:

1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf--Of all the games included in this post, this is the most shocking, right? Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to playing New Leaf more than any other title that's set to be released--for any system, not just the 3DS--in 2013. My husband, on the other hand, likely is dreading its release, as he knows it's going to take over my life for at least a few months.

2. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy--I know this beautiful, 4 Heroes of Light-esque RPG hasn't been announced for North American release yet, but I'm including it here anyway in the hopes that Square Enix will do so soon.

3. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers--See the Bravely Default blurb above, but replace Square Enix with Atlus USA. Seriously, though, I think the chances of this one ending up in my grubby little hands are pretty good given Atlus USA's track record when it comes to the MegaTen series.

4. Etrian Odyssey IV--Full disclosure: Although I've been a fan of this dungeon-crawling series since the first title was released for the DS back in 2007, I've yet to play the second and third entries. Regardless, I'm going to pick up the fourth the day it's made available in my neck of the woods.

5. Fire Emblem: Awakening--Ever since the Japanese version of this tactical RPG was first shown off, I've wanted to play it. Given Nintendo of America's track record of bringing niche-y games to this region, though, I was a bit worried I'd never be able to do so. Thankfully, they recently proved me wrong and revealed that it'll be out in early February.

6. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon--It's kind of amazing to consider that this game, the long-awaited sequel to one of the GameCube's launch titles, originally was supposed to hit store shelves in late 2011. Will we finally gain access to it in 2013? I sure hope so, as I've been salivating over gameplay videos of it for too long now.

7. Monster Hunter 4--Would you believe I've never played a Monster Hunter game? I meant to pick up the Wii iteration but, well, I never got around to it for one reason or another. I really like the bold looks of this one, though, so I'm planning to pick it up should it make its way across the pond sometime next year--hopefully with some sort of online mode included.

8. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney--This Capcom-Level-5 collaboration is a weird one for me, as I'm still a bit unsure as to how these two IPs are going to work together. Should the folks developing it succeed, though, I'll add it to my pile of 3DS games faster than you can say, "Objection!"

9. Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight--To be completely honest, I'd be itching to buy (and play) this game based on its looks alone. After hearing that it's a rhythm-based platformer à la Pastagames' fabulous Euro-only DS title, Maestro! Jump in Music, though, I'm itching even more furiously than I was before. Thankfully, it's already been announced for North American release, although it doesn't yet have a date. The sooner the better, if you ask me and my itchy skin.

10. The "Denpa" Men 2--Color me surprised that the folks at Genius Sonority, developer and publisher of the first "Denpa" Men title, have already announced the US release of the second. The question is: Is it even possible for me to enjoy it any more than I enjoyed its predecessor--which I've played for more than 40 hours thus far? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Are you gals and guys looking forward to playing any of the games above? Also, are there other 3DS titles that will be released in 2013 that you're looking forward to but aren't included here?


Lizzi said...

Oh Bryan! What a good game-taste! Just as I expected :)

-Animal Crossing NL
-Bravely Default
-Luigis Mansion 2
-Monster Hunter 4
-Prof. Layton vs. Ace Attorney
-Rhythm Hunter HK
And Denpa Men 2
are all on my to-buy-list for 2013.
But I would add "Zero Escape" and maybe a few other. :)

Simon Lethbridge said...

The new Animal Crossing game is almost enough to make me buy a 3DS! I like the name of #2 (snigger) as well :P

Francis Gordon said...

Monster Hunter huh. I used to own that Monster Hunter G Limited Edition Classic Controller bundle for the Wii before long story long story. What freaks me out is the idea of being involved in an MMORPG. So. Much. Commitment. Doesn't it freak you out too? said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the flattery, Lizzi :)

As for Zero Escape: I want the game, too. I didn't include it here because I wanted to focus only on games that will be released in 2013 (and Zero Escape has been available here in the US for a short while now).

Also, Shin Megami Tensei 4 was originally on this list but I removed it because I'm not sure if it'll be released outside of Japan in 2013 (although surely it'll come to the US, etc., at some point).

As for Fantasy Life: I'd say it was a runner up or an honorable mention. I really, really want to play it, but I'm not at all sure it'll be released here--which is a big part of the reason I passed on mentioning it. said...

Well, Simon, maybe you'll have to get one then! I'd suggest an XL if you're going to use it to play Animal Crossing, BTW. The bigger screens surely will be nice when it comes to taking in all of this game's little details.

Oh, and, yes, the second game's name/title is quite ... something, isn't it?? said...

So, does this mean you're not a Monster Hunter fan or you are one, Francis?

Honestly, I'm not at all sure I'll like it. Still, I want to give it a try at some point. I'll only do so w/ a Monster Hunter game that allows for online play, though, and it seems 4 will have this.

As for being scared of DQX: Nah, not really. I may change my tune should it actually be released here, though!

* said...

I still need to finish the first Denpa Men, but the sequel's on my wishlist as well. I don't think we'll get Monster Hunter 4 next year considering Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is releasing for the 3DS.

Of the games on your list though, I'm looking forward to all of them except Animal Crossing and Phoenix Wright vs. Ace Attorney. The Castlevania game has me moderately interested, although I'm not holding my breath. I'm more excited to see how 2013 fares for my Vita. said...

Yeah, you're probably right about MH4. Not sure why I didn't think about that. We'll probably get it here in spring of 2014.

I'm not all that interested in Castlevania myself, which is sad, as I used to love the series. Haven't really played much of it in recent years, though.

As for Vita in 2013: Yeah, that will be an interesting one, won't it? :|

Justin Difazzio said...

New Leaf and Dark Moon are my top two. They're followed VERY closely by Harmoknight. So excited about that.

I just wish more of them were out for Christmas. said...

You're not interested in Fire Emblem, too, Justin? That surprises me, if so.

Anyway, yes, I wish more were out for Christmas, too. That said, I have quite a few recently acquired 3DS games to play at the moment -- Paper Mario chief among them -- so I won't complain too loudly...

apricotsushi said...

Solid list, Bryan! I'd have to give a hard think to come up with any other titles to add. Of course, you can scratch off New Leaf from my list ;) (way to rub it in Anne haha)

Zaphod65 said...

I'm looking forward to Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Luigi's Mansion. I want to try Etrian Odyssey as well.

I'm eager to get my hands on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate; I played about 100 hours on the Wii version with a friend, but stopped when the Wii U/3DS upgrade was announced. I can't wait to dive back in.

Now Nintendo just needs to give us new Advance Wars and Metroid for the 3DS to make me really happy. said...

Ha ha! Yes, way to rub it in, Anne :P

I thought you were planning to buy the NA version, though, too? Or is that no longer the case?

One title I can think of to add that likely won't be localized this year (or any year, for that matter): Tomodachi Collection 3DS.

I reallllllllllly want to play this game, but I have a feeling NOA will pass on it again :( said...

Ah, a man (I'm guessing??) after my own heart!

I'm guessing you've never tried one of the previous Etrian Odyssey games, Zaphod65? If so, you're in for a treat, I think! At the very least, I loved the first EO game for the DS (and I just preordered reprints of EO2 and EO3).

I'm probably going to pass on MH3U for the 3DS, as I really want to play w/ folks on line. I may buy the Wii U version when I finally pick up that system, though.

As for a new Advance Wars: Yes please! Really hope Nintendo gives us one of these sooner rather than later :)

Zaphod65 said...

Man, indeed. (I usually post as Terry but finally got set up for Disqus.) I'm planning to buy the 3DS and Wii U versions of MH3U since they can share a save file between them. I like the idea of being on the go with the portable version and then hopping on the Wii U with the same character for online. I'd love to see Nintendo take a page from Sony's book and provide an eShop download code with each copy of the Wii U version.

I've never tried the EO games, but I'm considering ordering the reprints. I made my share of maps on graph paper back in the NES days, so these games sound appealing. said...

Oh, well, hello Terry!

Yeah, I can see the appeal of being able to share a save file between the Wii u and 3DS versions of MH3U. And I, too, would love to see Nintendo eventually provide eShop download codes w/ certain Wii U games.

As for the EO series: I look forward to hearing what you think of it, regardless of which game(s) you wind up buying. I think if you liked games that required you to make maps back in the ol' NES days, you'll very much like the EO games, too.

* said...

You're more optimistic than I am. I'm skipping on 3 Ultimate altogether because I don't like buying games knowing there's a better version out, and I wonder how many people will do the same. The lack of online multiplayer especially kills the game for me.

The 3DS Castlevania is far from what I want (which is basically just more Symphony of the Night or, as somebody who skipped the game, another Order of Ecclesia), but it's Castlevania, and it's on 3DS, so... :(

Turn that | into a )! Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Snapshot, Guacamelee, EDF 2017, Sly Cooper, Knytt Underground (!!!), Phantasy Star Online 2, and, if I cross my fingers hard enough, maybe even an Ys and Legend of Heroes announcement! My Vita's bristling. said...

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised Capcom's bringing the 3DS version of MH3U to NA w/o online multi. To me, they either should've found a way to get it in there, or pass on the game until MH4. As it stands, many people may do what you're going to do--which is wait for MH4--but what happens if that prompts Capcom to pass on bringing MH4 to our shores? Sigh :(

As for the Vita and its prospects: My, uh, 'unsure face' was more aimed at the system's general prospects in 2013. I guess I just don't see how it's going to have a better year in the US (or anywhere else) than it's had this year.

Also, I'm only interested in a couple of the games you mentioned myself. Thankfully, though, I'm interested in a few already-released or soon-to-be-released (in Japan) games that you didn't list, though, so should I ever pick up a Vita I'll still have plenty to buy/play, I would think.

* said...

I have a feeling that Monster Hunter 4 will ultimately be passed on for that exact reason, but I'll try to remain optimistic. I've never played a Monster Hunter game before, so I can't really miss something I've never had.

I know what you mean, which is a shame since I love my Vita and it's easily my favorite piece of gaming hardware. I realize this is a wholly selfish desire that would never help the Vita sell, but I hope it becomes a bastion of independent games (like Knytt Underground, which I'm so excited for that I can't contain myself) and iOS adventure games. The DS got a fair number of ports, and I feel like the Vita is the perfect handheld adventure game device. Every now and then I'll look up a video of Sam and Max or Monkey Island on the Youtube app and just wildly touch the screen and pretend I'm playing a LucasArts Vita collection. A man can dream.

What Japanese Vita games are you interested in? Ys, Zero no Kiseki, and the new Madou Monogatari game are all that come to mind. said...

I don't know, lunch, I think Capcom would be a bit nuts to leave MH4 in Japan, especially considering the online multi option is sure to make it more appealing in the west than the non-online MH3U is going to be. Who knows, maybe NOA will help them out and either release it here themselves or assist w/ marketing? Regardless, I think it'll come over here eventually.

As for the Vita: Your wish sounds good to me! That said, I'd like other games/genres to come to it, too. Hell, I'd just be happy of all the PSP games I liked got Vita sequels. I kind of doubt that's going to happen, though.

Oh, and Japanese Vita games I want: @Field (Sega golf/pinball title), Dokuro (boxed/retail version), Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f and the new Madou Monogatari game are the main ones. I'm also curious about the new Senran Kagura title, oddly enough...

diaglyph said...

For me:
Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, Soul Hackers

Luigi's Mansion - waiting for sooooo long!! Hope I don't feel disappointed once I get this game haha

Fire Emblem - thank god you'll be able to turn off perma death! That is the only reason why I will be considering this game! Without that option, I would've skipped. I HATE/LOATHE perma death!

Bravely Default - Will be interesting to see if "All the Bravest" relates to this game! This RPG looks like it will be great! Can't wait :)

Soul Hackers - first off *sigh* this is an Atlus game, so that means I'm expecting it to arrive here (or at least euro regions) at least 12 months after you get it. Damn you region locking! *shakes fist*
But yeah I like the look of this game and it reminds me of Strange Journey (even tho Soul Hackers came out in the PS1 era). said...

Hey there, Igor! Yeah, I'm hoping all of us won't be disappointed by Luigi's Mansion when it finally comes out. Heck, I'm just hoping it finally comes out!

I don't mind permadeath myself, but I can see why some would hate it.

I'm hoping beyond hope that 'All The Bravest' is Bravely Default's western name. I know some have said it doesn't make as much sense (since the keys to the battle system are the 'Brave' and 'Default' options), but it certainly sounds better than the original title, doesn't it? Anyway, fingers crossed.

As for Soul Hackers: I like the looks of it, too. Hopefully you won't have to wait ages for it, though--that would suck :(

diaglyph said...

If the game will be called All The Bravest, they can still call the game play system "the bravely default system" - I think that would work said...

Oh, I agree, Igor. I just brought it up because lots of people have brought this up as a reason why 'All The Bravest' is a bad name, or why the name actually is going to be used for the social Bravely Default spin-off, etc. Anyway, I personally like the name and hope it is used when Bravely Default is *finally* announced for western release!

miruki said...

Ohh, you changed your comment system to discus as well... I've been so absent from the internet that I didn't even notice that until now. No more entering annoying captchas I can't even read, yay. 8)

Anyway. I too did buy a 3DS... I was planning to wait until sometime next year.. but that limited edition Pikachu 3DS that got released over here in Europe just is so cute... I couldn't resist. And the little one will love me to death for this. :>

I'm planning to pick up Fire Emblem as well - and I too am so glad they give you the choice of turning off the perma-death system - it's just so frustrating to accidently lose a character you like. This will be my first real Fire Emblem experience (I did try that one DS game once, but I couldn't really get into it, the story, characters and art just weren't my cup of tea.) so I'm looking forward to it a lot.

Should Soul Hackers get released in the EU at some point, I'll get that too. But as diaglyph mentioned before, it's probably not gonna happen until much, much later... orz

Did Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney get officially announced? All I remember was an interview where some Capcom (? I think) employee said that chances are slim, since sales of the Ace Attorney games have been so low. And then the sales of the vs title haven't been that high in Japan as well, but I'd really, really like to play this too (I love the cellshading graphics!) ... so I'll continue hoping!

Same goes for Bravely Default, but this clearly has higher chances of seeing a US & EU release. Let's just hope those two won't be too far apart, but usually Squeenix is treating the US and EU gamers pretty equally with their release dates, so that doesn't worry me too much.

I'm not really sure which game to choose for my free game download that Nintendo is giving out if you register your 3DS before January 15th over here... it's either Layton or Style Savvy. But seeing how I am a much bigger puzzle than fashion fan, I'll probably go for Layton. :)

Other than that there's not much I'm interested in getting for the 3DS, the little one will probably be using it a lot more than me.. he wants to play Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion , Kid Icarus.. and so many more. Every day there's a new game he's telling me about that he wants to play, haha. I'm more looking forward to our PS3 I bought for Christmas (I'll be putting away the 3DS until some time later - the PS3 is big enough a present for us right now and we also got the Vita already. Like I said, I just bought it now since it's a limited edition and will probably be sold out soon.. I mean.. it's Pikachu. And it's Christmas. It's bound to be sold out quickly. Right? XD ... I feel totally bad for making two such big purchases in the same month.... :>) well, anyway.. I'm looking forward to Wonderbook & The Book of Spells (I already tried it out a little when Vince was asleep ;>) - this will be so fun to play with him! And I can't wait to finally play Journey! And some more Atelier Meruru.. *_* And this weekend I'll be (secretly) playing GTA IV with my bestie. And then there's Persona 4 Golden & Virtue's Last Reward for the Vita (as I don't care for 3D and the Vita's resolution is much greater, so I'll be getting the Vita version of VLR ;>). And not to mention all the PC games I still haven't touched.

Hah. It's so hard being a gamer. ;>

I'll try to come back here more often again.. and I've also planned to finally get a few reviews done as soon as the holidays start! So you can look forward to that, if you want. :>

Lizzi said...

OMG it's unbelievealbe how equal our purchases are. Ok so I already had the PS3 but I just bought the Pikachu-3DS XL and I took Prof. Layton as free game for registration. I already preordered Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward for my PSvita because I wanted to experience it with better resolutions too. I agree with you every point you sad so I guess our game-taste are quite similar :)

Lizzi said...

Und hey da fällt mir gerade auf, dass du auch aus Hamburg kommst wie ich! :D

miruki said...

Hah! Beste Stadt ever und so! <3 Haste MSN oder sowas? :D said...

Hey there, Miruki! I didn't recognize you at first, as your avatar is different from the one you used to use. Anyway, welcome back!

Yeah, the Discus comment system is much better than the old one, isn't it? I absolutely hate having to type in Captchas, and I'm guessing others feel the same way, so Discus is worth it just for that. Plus, you can better keep an eye on where and when you've commented, who has replied to your comments, etc.

That's great that you bought a Pikachu XL! I look forward to hearing what you and your little one think of it :)

I don't believe Prof. Layton vs. Ace Attorney has been officially announced for release outside of Japan, although I may be wrong. I included it here more as a sign of hope than anything.

Anyway, sounds as if you have more than enough games to play at the moment--and in the future, too. Can't wait to see you cover some (all?) of them on *your* blog! said...

Are you sure you're not actually twins, or at least sisters? ;)

Lizzi said...

ja habe ich bin aber nie online. Facebook oder Skype? :)

miruki said...

*g* Skype hab ich grad nicht installiert, lass Facebook nehmen, da wimmelts zwar nur so vor lauter peinlichen Fotos von mir, aber das passt schon. 8) Such da mal nach Milki Kaplanski. :)

Lizzi said...

Pretty sure. But we live in the same city! said...

That's awesome! Are you going to meet in person someday?

Lizzi said...

Maybe ;-) said...

I can see that. I kind of hope you do, though--and that you hit it off as friends :)