Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mimi's Adventures in Miminton, Part 5 (or, yes, I'm still obsessively playing the soap opera otherwise known as Animal Crossing)

Although it's been a while since we last checked in on Mimi, Momo, Mumu and their lovely pal in the next town over, Leelee, not much has changed in either Miminton or Loompala.

For instance, the majority of the animals that call the above-mentioned hamlets home continue to harangue their human counterparts whenever and wherever they feel like it.

In the case of new-to-Miminton neighbor Snake, though, such negativity often is overlooked.

Tangy, below, also tends to get a pass thanks to the dimwittedness that's nearly as prevalent as her bitchiness.

Speaking of Tangy, she recently introduced Mimi and her minions to the wonderful world of wintertime igloos.

She also introduced them to the matchless joy that is making snowmen.

Momo, below, in particular can't get enough of the frigid figures--as evidenced by her showman garb and furniture.

Although most of Miminton's residents enjoy encountering a snowman around every bend, Freckles, below, isn't one of them. Unfortunately, everyone's favorite oddly coifed duck took out her frustrations on Leelee when she paid the burg a visit early in the month.

Actually, Leelee was lucky to get away with just a spit-drenched face and outfit. Her pal Momo, below, wasn't so fortunate. (Yes, Freckles punched her in the kisser--as she was putting the finishing touches on her 115th snowman of the season.)

Unsurprisingly, Snake didn't show much concern for Momo's rather disheveled state.

That didn't sit so well with Momo, but Mumu seemed to find it to be a bit of a turn on.

That may have had less to do with Snake's unmistakable charms, though, than with the weird vibes taking over Miminton at the moment. Take Savannah, below, for example. Normally she's as innocent as can be, but around the same time that Freckles smacked Momo, Savannah hit (on) her too, albeit in a more welcoming way.

Later that same day, typically grumpy Octavian also tried to put the moves on her.

Octavian's advances, evidenced below, were perhaps the most startling. Even more startling, however, was the fact that Momo gave serious thought to his proposal. (Hey, a girl has to make a living.)

Unbeknownst to Octavian, Savannah and Vladimir, Momo had a lustful eye on her purple-haired bud, Mumu, at that moment. (That's Mumu's ultra-fem pad in the photo below.)

Eventually, Miminton's riled-up residents worked through their, er, kinks, and life returned to something akin to "normal"--especially after everyone's least favorite neighbor (sad but true), Mathilda, pulled up stakes, so to speak, and sauntered to another town.

Taking her place: Friga, the penguin who thinks more highly of herself than Beyonce (or Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift--or whichever modern celebrity you love to hate).

What will happen in the next installment of "Mimi's Adventures in Miminton"? I'm not entirely sure, although I guarantee it'll be at least marginally interesting (if not sexy and salacious).

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Simply_Awful said...

Haha, those characters are so salty. I wonder how faithful the translation is. said...

I wonder that, too! I can't quite imagine that the Japanese versions are as salty as the Euro and North American versions, but I certainly don't know that for a fact. Maybe I should ask some of the folks I know who understand Japanese...

Justin Difazzio said...

Love this so much. said...

Thanks, Justin :) I think you're one of the very few. Which is OK! That said, I probably won't do more than a few more, as I'm finally starting to pull myself away from this game--so I'm not completely burned out whenever New Leaf finally makes it out over here.

apricotsushi said...

"Curse my movie star looks and winning personality!" "Your morning coffee goes on in your mouth, not on your face!" Gosh, they really are sassy, eh? ;)

I do love these posts, Bryan, since I never did play the GameCube original! I think the style used in the game holds up really well, too, which may be one of the reasons why some people the 3DS version isn't much of a graphical upgrade over past iterations. But really, when you put them side by side, they're worlds apart!

Is it hard to get the snowman furniture in this version?? I've been trying to get it in New Leaf, but not only do you have to roll the perfect snowman, but you have to do so quite a few times, I think! I always mess up :P So is it easier or are you just an expert snowball roller? said...

Oh, that's sweet of you to say, Anne. And, yes, they really are pretty sassy in this version of the game. I wouldn't be surprised if Miminton weren't filled with ONLY sassy animals pretty soon, BTW. I seem to attract them like flies.

As for the style of this particular iteration: I agree with you that it holds up pretty well, but I also agree with you that New Leaf looks miles better.

I obviously can't speak to how easy or difficult it is to make snowmen in New Leaf, but I would say that in the original it's fairly easy once you figure out the proper proportions.

Honestly, I'd look for some YouTube videos that show people making the various snowmen that are available in New Leaf if I were you. That's what I plan to do after I finally get New Leaf, as it helped me a great deal while playing the original. (It takes the guesswork out of it, which saves you a lot of frustration.)

apricotsushi said...

Hm, I've been using some photo references that show how big the snowball should be in proportion to your character, but maybe it would help more if I looked at some videos! Thanks for the suggestion! said...

Hmmm, I would've thought photo references would work, too, but videos certainly can't hurt, can they?

In the first game, it's definitely a proportion thing--as in, the 'head' snowball has to be just a bit larger than half the size of the 'body' snowball.

I'm guessing that's the same in New Leaf, but it seems that in New Leaf you can make so many more snowmen--a kid, a mom, a dad, etc.--so I'm not sure if they're determined by the size of the base/body snowball or something else...