Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mimi's Adventures in Miminton, Part 4

In the last installment of "Mimi's Adventures in Miminton," I promised that this installment would focus on a pot fiend moving into the 'hood, Mimi inappropriately touching Freya, Mumu and Leelee showing off their letter-writing prowess and "Operation Get Mathilda To Move Out of Town" beginning in earnest.

Before I get to all of those things, though, I have to shine a light this little bon mot from dear old Cookie, who, as seems to be the case for all Animal Crossing villagers Mimi and her pals take a shine to, has since moved to another town:

Shortly after Cookie ranted to Mimi about Redd, Freya accosted her about being a creep. OK, so the whole affair was a bit less dramatic than I originally made it out to be, but what did you expect--to see Freya whack Mimi over the head with a frying pan? Actually, that would've been pretty cool...

As for the aforementioned "pot fiend," may I present Miminton's newest resident: Claude the rabbit.

Mimi's first run-in with Claude made her think it was possible he had a fondness for hash, but her second run-in with him sealed the deal.

And then, of course, there's Claude's Burning Man-inspired pad:

Sadly, Mimi and her girlfriends didn't get to spend much time with Claude and his constantly bloodshot eyes, as he hightailed it out of town nearly as quickly as Cookie did--which prompted all three gals to become a little unhinged. Case in point, Mumu's letter to her favorite neighbor, Savannah:

Surprisingly, Claude later popped up in Loompala. Mumu, Momo and Mimi had warned their pal Leelee of Claude's restless ways before he arrived, though, which prompted Lee to welcome him thusly:

Leelee isn't the only Animal Crossing human with a wicked streak, by the way. Here, for instance, is Mimi showing Mathilda the kangaroo how much she loves having her as a neighbor:

Later, when she waltzed by and found Mathilda struggling to free herself from the hole into which she'd fallen, Mimi just stared at her with the kind of cold rage that only can be developed by putting up with a bitchy, crazy-eyed kangaroo who likes to end every sentence with "wee baby" for far too long.

Do you think that pushed Mathilda to move out of Miminton? No, it didn't. Don't worry, Mimi and her pals won't give up. Someway, somehow, Miminton will soon be a Mathilda-free zone.

In more uplifting news: Leelee singlehandedly completed the fossil exhibit in her town's (Loompala) sad excuse for a museum.

Here she is shaking her moneymaker amid said collection. Unsurprisingly, Blathers was not amused by her public display of indecency and promptly kicked Leelee and her poppin' derriere out of the museum.

Speaking of moneymakers: After taking a part-time job at Miminton's one and only "gentlemen's club" (I kid), Momo finally paid off her second home loan.

As is par for the course in Miminton, though, she was quickly suckered into another one--with this one helping pay for a new basement. Will it be worth the sweat and tears Momo's sure to shed while working to pay it off? Find out in the next installment of "Mimi's Adventures in Miminton"!


Justin Difazzio said...

It's like the world's most entertaining soap opera! I think I'd watch an Animal Crossing TV show, especially if you were writing it! said...

Aww, thanks, Justin! I'm having a lot of fun writing these posts, so it's nice to hear at least a few people are enjoying them :)