Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reed Bond's 'Pink Yoshi'

Remember the "Sexy Shy Guy" I wrote about a few days ago? (Check it out here if you don't.) Well, it appears it was part of some sort of concerted effort by the folks behind the Drawed Goods site to illustrate characters from the Super Mario Bros. universe.

Another of the pieces created as part of the aforementioned effort is the one seen below (and here):

It was made by Atlanta-based artist Reed Bond and is, in my humble opinion, the definition of "adorbs." (I'm especially fond of Yoshi's side-eye.)

To see more of Bond's work, hop on over to his you have a second. Also, I'd highly recommend checking out while you're at it.


Justin Difazzio said...

SO CUTE! Hey, almost as cute as Yoshi's Epic Yarn!

Lizzi said...

Awww! This looks so cute! I want it!
Hey Bryan, have you watched the new Nintendo Direct Wii U stream already?
Balloon Fight will be released for Wii U Virtual Console this month for only 30cents!
I guess I'll buy it.
Nintendo releases a Zelda Wind Waker remake for Wii U in autumn this year and announces some news about The Wonderful 101, Yoshis Epic Yarn, Bayonetta 2, MiiVerse on 3DS and many more! :D
Made my day!
Greetings from Germany! said...

Ha ha! Yes, I think you're right. I am sooooo stoked for that game, by the way. I'm sure some will hate that it looks so similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn, but I LOVE IT!