Friday, March 29, 2013

Bit.Trip Runner meets Rhythm Heaven with a dash of Space Channel 5

FYI: the headline above is supposed describe Game Freak's just-released (throughout Europe and North America) 3DS eShop title, HarmoKnight.

I can't take credit for said description, mind you--that honor belongs to NeoGAF user Boss Doggie. I thought it was spot-on, though, so I stole it and used it here in an effort to increase awareness of this rhythmic platformer.

Before I go on, I probably should point those of you who've never heard of HarmoKnight to the following trailer:

Sure, the game's price tag ($15 in North America) is a bit hefty for an eShop release, but I personally think it's worth it based on its Saturday-morning-cartoon-by-way-of-Japan aesthetic alone--assuming, of course, you don't completely suck at platformers or rhythm games.

Have any of you already picked up this plucky digital title? If so, what do you think of it so far? Don't worry, I'll share my impressions soon enough (i.e., sometime next week).


Justin Difazzio said...

Yeah...I played the demo, and I found it to be hard as fuck. It made me rethink getting the game. I still might, just because I know I'd get better at it...but some of the controls (mostly the directional pad commands) felt a little to imprecise for a game like that. said...

Did you find the entire demo tough, Justin, or just the boss fight? I'll agree that the d-pad controls seemed a bit ... stiff. Also, it's weird that you can't even use the circle pad if you want to. Hmmm.

Anyway, I don't think there's anything wrong with passing on this one if you're unsure about it--especially since it's hardly cheap at $15.