Sunday, April 21, 2013

All-new Nichiest

If you're looking for something to do today (or even next week), you could do worse than listen to the latest episode of The Nichiest Podcast Ever.

This "take" covers the gamut as far as niche-y and even not-so-niche-y games are concerned. PSP games like Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, Class of Heroes 2 and Black Rock Shooter are discussed this time around, for instance, as are 3DS games like Bravely Default, Fantasy Life and Sayonara Umihara Kawase.

Speaking of the 3DS, each of us whipped out our pom-poms in support of one of that system's many worth-playing titles during this show's "Cheer- leading" segment, with me hemming and hawing about HarmoKnight, Anne raving about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and shidoshi gushing over Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.

Anyway, to take in all of that fabulosity, direct your browsers over to at your earliest convenience.


Matt said...

The dress analogy was amazing. said...

Ha ha! Thanks for that, Matt. If you're being serious, I mean. As soon as it left my lips, I was like, "Did I just say that?" LOL!

michaelstearns said...

Bryan, I found the podcast! ;)

I didn't know you were in Seattle! I'm just north a bit. This year will be my first time going to PAX (I somehow managed to get tickets), despite living in Washington for pretty much my whole life and living in the Seattle area for a bit now too, I had never really felt like going, and then when it started to get big I suddenly found that tickets were becoming impossible to get. I'm not expecting it to blow my mind or anything but I am pretty excited.

Also I had to check out Shake Kids--on seeing just a couple seconds of video I had already dreamed up a totally different "shaking" mechanic that I'm a little disappointed isn't what they came up with, but it's certainly a strange-looking game. I'll be looking forward to some in-depth coverage after you've spent some time with it. ;) said...

Hello again, Michael! Also, glad you were able to find the podcast :)

As for me living in Seattle: yep! In Ballard, actually. Where do you live (if you're OK with sharing)?

I nearly bought tickets to PAX Prime myself, but decided against it at the last moment when I realized the timing is sure to be terrible. (We're having people visit throughout the month of August, and possibly in early September, too.)

Next year, though, I'm going to go no matter what!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. It certainly sounds fun to me, if not completely mind-blowing.

And as for Shake Kids: hmmm, what kind of shaking did you envision? Sort of like Mischief Makers, or something altogether different?

I'm sure you and many others think I'm completely crazy for wanting this game, by the way, but I think it looks soooo charming (if rough as hell). Plus, I like weirdo Japanese games, and this one certainly fits that bills.

So, as soon as I get it, I'll pop it into my trusty PSone, give it a whirl and then write up some impressions :)

michaelstearns said...

I'm up in Lynnwood, but I do pass through Ballard sometimes (also, my dad grew up there). Have you seen the big Gunstar Heroes billboard in Fremont? It's an ad for the EMP's game exhibit, I was driving by a short while ago and snagged a picture of it. :) (I believe I saw a Pitfall one on Aurora in Shoreline, too.)

I was thinking more of a Mischief Makers kind of thing, I didn't realize the kids have a drink shaker, I thought it game was about shaking up cans of soda and using them as weapons. I think this has a lot of potential applications, you could shake them up to power a Mario Sunshine "Fludd" like weapon/jetpack, or drop them in enemies' paths like bombs. The more you shake them, the more effective they'd be!

But nope, I don't see anything weird about it! It doesn't seem especially great from what I saw but there seemed to be more to it than just a crummy-looking PSX game! I assume there's some kind of "alchemy" mechanic going on with enemy collecting (if not, a waste!) and having to stun multiple enemies at once seems like a cool kind of scoring mechanic, and I think I also saw some Guardian Heroes-esque plane-hopping, rather than the usual "Double Dragon" type of depth movement (that's what Napple Tale uses as well). It's got a story so who knows what kind of crazy value might be tucked away in there, and most of all, I just understand the desire to Have Certain Things. ;) said...

How funny that we live relatively close to one another?

As for the billboard: I don't *think* I've seen that one before. The only one I can remember seeing has Super Mario Galaxy on it. I really like the Gunstar Heroes one, by the way. Of course, it's one of my all-time favorite games, so I guess that could go without saying :)

I really like your idea involving using cans of soda as weapons in a game, by the way. Maybe you should put it to use in one of your own future creations? I'd certainly give it a go!

I'll have to let you know if any of your thoughts on Shake Kids are true. At the moment, I have no idea if they are or aren't, as there's very little English info about the game to be found...

michaelstearns said...

Well, we gotta live somewhere ;)

Gunstar is one of my favorites too, when I saw that billboard I just about lost it, if there had been any traffic around I could have been in trouble. :)

How did you even find out about Shake Kids? About all I can find is the one clip on Youtube (I like the music!), and as usual the big websites with no info on them (IGN, etc) are clogging up my google. said...

Yes, we do. Thankfully, this is a pretty nice place :)

BTW, if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods--or if you know you're going to be in my neck of the woods--and you'd like to get together, let me know! There are plenty of places in my 'hood for beer, coffee, etc. It would be great to meet you!

As for how I discovered Shake Kids: I was perusing various online game shops (something I do far too often these days) when I came across it on Genki, I believe.

Their description of the game prompted me to look it up on YouTube, and the lone video there sealed the deal for me. Oh, and in the description of the video there's a link to a pretty in-depth article about the game that also piqued my interest :)

michaelstearns said...

That would be really cool, I'll keep that in mind! said...