Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sega Saturn and Mega Drive 2 designs for your Animal Crossing: New Leaf suite

You know how at the end of yesterday's post--about the rather rad (if I do say so myself) Dreamcast and PC Engine cushion designs I recently made for Animal Crossing: New Leaf--I asked people to let me know if I should conjure up designs for any other consoles?

Well, a few people actually took me up on that offer--especially on Twitter.

The results of their suggestions can be seen in the Mega Drive 2 and Sega Saturn (the original Japanese version, of course) designs below.

As was also the case last time around, I made "light" and "dark" versions of both of today's designs. I prefer the dark (regular) ones myself, but I thought some folks might like the light ones better so I'm sharing QR codes for them as well.

Above and below: light and dark Sega Saturn designs.

Above and below: dark and light Mega Drive 2 designs, respectively.

Oh, and here's how the "dark" Saturn and Mega Drive 2 designs look when applied (by Re-Tail's Cyrus) to a plain ol' cushion.

Got any other design suggestions for yours truly? Let me know all about them in the comments section below.

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Justin Difazzio said...

Gamecube? NES? SNES? Atari 2600? A pizza box? said...

NES and Famicom are coming up, Justin, along with a bunch you haven't mentioned here (maybe because they're not 'consoles' in the traditional sense?).

I think GameCube would be hard because it's so thick, but we'll see. I can't remember what an Atari 2600 looks like, but I'll look it up and see if I can do it :)

Oh, and SNES? Probably. Why not? I've probably ignored it until now because I've never been a fan of its design.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions!

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

This and the previous post make me hope that future Animal Crossing games let you carry more than 8 designs at a time. said...

Thanks, Sam. And I agree--we need more 'active' design slots in the next Animal Crossing game :(

Zaphod65 said...

The GameCube is covered by the Game Shelf piece of furniture. You can have the console's color changed at Re-Tail.

I like the idea of an SNES, though. said...

Yeah, I do, too--even though I've never liked its design.

Also, the GC definitely would look weird on a cushion. I just made and checked an NES design, and although the design itself looks great, on a cushion it looks a bit wonky.

Still, I'll share a QR code for it--and the Famicom design I made today--sometime tomorrow.