Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aino's (and Bryan's) Adventures in Animachi, Week Six

Week six was a pretty low key one for Aino, the Magnificent Mayoress (that's what she's requiring her underlings to call her at the moment) of Animachi, and her cohort, Regular Ol' Citizen™ Bryan, as you're sure to see while taking in the following photo diary.

That's not to say it was without its thrills, though. Case in point: a rather fabulous lighthouse was built (overnight, of course) near the town's most precipitous cliff.

Also, Animachians were treated to a stunning meteor shower for the majority of one evening.

And then there was the morning when both Bryan and Aino were handed golden watering cans in recognition of all the hard work they did (not much, to be honest) to maintain Animachi's "Perfect Town" status.

All of those events paled in comparison to the one documented in the photo below, though.

Why was the unearthing of yet another boring fossil considered such a momentous occasion? Because it had laid, maddeningly undiscovered, for about three or four weeks--during which time Aino and Bryan nearly tore out their hair in search of it. (Because, you know, it meant they only were able to dig up three, rather than four, fossils each day.)

Nearly as thrilling, but a tad less dramatic: Aino and Bryan both took on glamorous part-time jobs as baristas at The Roost last week.

That hasn't kept either of them from their regularly scheduled globetrotting adventures, however; with Bryan's 1,000,000th trip to Dunwich being especially noteworthy thanks to how he was greeted by that town's mayor this time around.

Thankfully, Terry had a stash of such harnesses and shared one of them with Bryan. (OK, so Bryan actually brought his own. You never know when you're going to need it!)

It seems Terry must wear his harness quite often while carrying out his mayoral duties, as none of Dunwich's residents seemed all that shocked to see Bryan in one while begging for signatures for Rodney's surprisingly timely "Appreciating Hipsters" campaign.

Sadly, Bryan's harness was nowhere to be seen during Animachi's Second Annual Bug-Off, which took place on Saturday.

That's because Aino banished him to her dungeon-slash-basement to scrub the floor (with his tongue, of course) while she cleaned up in a less literal manner.

Yep, Aino crushed her Bug-Off competition with a (usually unheralded) goliath beetle. She didn't participate in order to take home (another) shiny golden trophy, though; no, she took part so she could nab as many pieces of adorable insect furniture as possible.

Sadly, she failed to nab a few select pieces of that phobia-crushing set--namely, the caterpillar and stag beetle chairs.

Should any of you have an extra of either of them that you'd be willing to sell or trade (I have extras of most of the rest of this set, plus tons of Nintendo and other pieces), please let me know in the comments section below or via twitter.

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Justin Difazzio said...

I love the harness! That's amazing!

I got the bee chest at the last bug-off...disappointing! It's the least interesting of all the bug pieces...

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, yeah, the harness is amazing, isn't it? I didn't make it myself--I got it somewhere else. Although now I don't remember where! I'll let you know if I can remember where I found the pattern.

As for the bee chest: I like it! I'd say the snail clock is the least interesting, although I like that one quite a bit, too.

Zaphod65 said...

So much leather in one place... lol

thegaygamer.com said...

Next time, we'll have to get Justin to join us :)

Zaphod65 said...

I haven't done much in my town over the past few days except the morning fossil hunt and flower watering, but my city hall has been remodeled. Huzzah!

thegaygamer.com said...

Ah! Which design did you go for?

I think I'm going to go for the fairy tale one eventually--or maybe the Japanese-style one?

Which is why I haven't done it yet :P

Zaphod65 said...

I chose the more rustic cabin-looking on to match the police station.

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, that's nice. And you've just reminded me that you have a police station. Jealous!

Nightmare Bruce said...

That meteor shower looks really nice! Hope one occurs in my town soon.

I too demolished my poor competitors with an island horned hercules at the last bugoff...and I felt bad about it, haha. Next time I'm sticking to town bugs so I don't ruin the drama.
OK I need to visit your town damn it! If you're free tomorrow I'll hit you up on twitter about it.

thegaygamer.com said...

You know what was the best part about it, Jeremy? A rather pleasant sound--which I'm having a hard time describing at the moment--accompanied each meteor. In fact, that's why I knew the shower was occurring!

As for visiting my town: YES! Definitely hit me up on Twitter tomorrow. I'll be on the lookout for it :)

Kevin Bowling said...

I still haven't had a meteor shower, but like I've been telling people, my SD Card broke and I lost all my data. (Did a lot of time traveling to get back to the present day, though!) I just got The Roost back, so I'm close to having my town back to where it was.

You should definitely tweet sometime when your town's open, Bryan! I'd love to come visit sometime! It seems like a pretty cool place!

thegaygamer.com said...

Hey there, Kevin! Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your SD card broke and you lost all of you data. Kudos to you for being able to get over that and get your town back into shape :)

I'll definitely let you know if I randomly open my town's gates, Kevin. That said, I generally only open them if I have scheduled a time with someone in particular, as I don't like to just leave them sitting open, you know?

Kevin Bowling said...

Totally, makes sense. I'll probably bug ya on twitter or something. Haha

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I really like what you did with your light house. As for the bug set,sadly the first bug I give was rare,big, and had good color and I only had one bug that did better and the two pieces I got you already have though I think you said somewhere you were looking for the astro set. I have all but 4 or 5 pieces in my catalog so if you want I could show you a list of the pieces I have and see if I have anything you don't.

As for my previous week, the highlight has got to be when I finally caught the F**king scorpion meaning I now have all the bugs you can catch in July.Also I know the pain of not finding the 4th fossil in a day. I read somewhere that apparently if you have a lot of flowers and patterns on the ground you might get less random dig spots some days so maybe that's why you didn't find it. What I also don't like is when you find all 4 fossils and they're all already ones you have in the museum.

thegaygamer.com said...

Yes, do that! And it wouldn't be bugging me. I'm on most evenings around 8 or 9 pm Pacific, so let me know via Twitter (or here, if you want) if you you're going to be on at the same time and I can let you in :)

thegaygamer.com said...

Hey there, Sam!

Yeah, I'm collecting the Astro set, too. We should exchange notes as to which pieces we have, so we can help each other out :)

One piece I know I'm looking for is the Astro carpet. And the pieces I know I already have are the bed, CD player (stereo), chair, couch, lamp, table, and shelf/shelves. I must be missing a few pieces, though, eh?

I don't know if what you said about dig spots is true or not, but I know that in my case I probably was just missing one for a few weeks. It was right behind a dark red flower that was one square away from the top edge of my town, so the mark was basically hidden from view.

The good news is that I've dug up my four allotted fossils each day since then. Yay!

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

Unfortunately the carpet still remains elusive to me though I guess it would probably be easy to make a pattern close to it for the time being, right now I'm using the robo floor. I'm missing the bed(which I don't need since I'm using the set in my living room) and the chair. The ones that I'm missing that you didn't list are the dresser(don't need for same reasons as the bed) and the closet. I noticed you didn't list the wall, I have that. I've also decide to not use the TV(which I have) instead using the flat-screen TV. I also have the 3 Best Buy items if You don't have those and want them.

Also I'm thinking I might make a list of the fossils I have repeats of and post it in the comments of the next Aino/Bryan Adventures so that we can get a fossil trade going on in the community of this blog if that's OK with you.

Kevin Bowling said...

It's not letting me reply, but that works!

Riven said...

1. How do you happen to catch/notice shooting stars? Does it happen very often? I haven't seen any yet, but I imagine you have to be looking up to notice.

2. Super jelly of your caterpillar sofa and snail clock, haha. They are the cutest!

3. Even more jelly of your golden watering can!

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, I have the wall. And I don't mind waiting for the floor. I think I'm just using some random wood floor in the meantime.

I think I have two or three of the BB items so far, although I'm not sure. I'll let you know if I need one or more, OK? And thanks for offering :)

thegaygamer.com said...

Ah! I just noticed this. Let's hit each other up via Twitter in the next few days to set a day/time to meet up in the game :)

thegaygamer.com said...

Hello again :)

I believe I was given a day's/night's notice about the shooting stars, Riven. I think it was on the bulletin board--saying that the next night would see a meteor shower, etc. So, definitely not all the time/very often.

Riven said...

Aha! I didn't realize it'd be announced on the bulletin board, so I'll have to keep an eye out for that from now on. Thanks!

thegaygamer.com said...

Yes, look there for advanced warning :) I've only had one meteor-shower evening so far, so I'm guessing they're not completely common.