Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Aino's (and Bryan's) Adventures in Animachi, Weeks Seven and Eight

As all two of you who enjoy reading these posts (I kid ... I think) surely figured out long ago, I failed to publish an update on Aino's and Bryan's "Adventures in Animachi" last week.

There were a few reasons for that, with the main one being that I didn't (and don't) want to turn this blog into little more than a dumping ground for my obsession-fueled Animal Crossing: New Leaf musings.

As such, don't expect to see another such update next week--or possibly even the week after. Although I have no plans to end this series anytime soon (I'm still far too obsessed with New Leaf to do that), I definitely want to spread out these posts a bit from here on out.

With that out of the way, let's get to what actually happened in Animachi over the last two weeks, shall we?

The screengrab below does a more than acceptable job of summing up a good portion of the last two weeks in Animachi, actually, as both Aino and Bryan spent a lot of that time working on their homes and their wardrobes.

In the shot above, by the way, Aino is showing off her current "Hip Geisha" look as well as her cozy-as-all-hell study.

Moving along, here (above) is a glimpse of Aino's nearly finished kitchen. (All that's left to do is find and install the flooring that matches the wallpaper.)

It's a good thing she's been keeping up on her interior design hobby, as Barold popped in for a surprise visit the other day. Oddly, and unsurprisingly, he fell asleep--while standing--halfway through his so-called inspection.

Speaking of odd encounters, Aino recently had the following exchange with Ankha:

Lest you should think that exchange isn't so odd, here's a shot of the streetlight she'd like to see somewhere in Animachi:

Thankfully, Rodney quickly came to the rescue and suggested the magnitudes-more-interesting "cube sculpture."

Amazingly, Rodney's recommendation didn't win the "Best Public Works Request of the Last Two Weeks" award. No, that went to Bluebear, who, during a rather impromptu discussion one evening, basically begged for a police station to be built.

Here's the sight that greeted Aino and her fellow villagers the next morning:

Well, that and ... Booker.

Good old absent-minded--and completely adorable--Booker.

Although most of Animachi's citizens chattered on about the new "Classic Police Station" for the remainder of that particular week, Bryan and Aino quickly moved on with their lives.

Of course, it helps that both of them had more important things to do--such as work part-time at The Roost.

Bryan's been doing such a good job there, in fact, that Brewster recently gave him a homemade gyroid.

It now sits in a rather exalted spot within Bryan's Astro-themed bedroom. (Actually, a second one joined it yesterday, but Bryan was too lazy to snap a photo of it.)

Brewster also gave Bryan an extra cafe uniform last week.

Bryan originally deemed it too stuffy to use as "everyday wear," but he's now rethinking that opinion after Ankha handed him this stinging rebuke one night:

Thankfully, not everyone in Animachi is so harsh. Aino's aforementioned "Hip Geisha" look already has a fan, for instance. (And, shockingly, it isn't Rodney.)

Speaking of Rodney, the little dweeb (or is he a geek?) recently tried to swindle Aino by selling her a "dynamic painting" for 7,840 Bells.

Amazingly, he handed it over free of charge after she balked.

Of course, Aino's threats of immediate bodily harm (and worse) may have had something to do with that.

In lighter news, Aino's week was "made" in one fell swoop after she received a framed photo of Bluebear--and all she had to do to earn it was find the straightforwardly named villager a Horned Hercules!

If Aino could nab similar pics from Barold and Snake, I'm pretty sure she could die a happy "Hip Geisha."

Did I say that the above-mentioned experience made Aino's week? It did, of course, but it wasn't the only event that brought on feelings of euphoria.

The other revolved around Animachi's Town Tree growing large enough for Aino and others to sit on the brick wall that surrounds it.

Now that you've heard what transpired in Animachi over the last two weeks, what happened in your respective New Leaf towns in that time?

Feel free to share all of the details (or as many as you'd like) in the comments section below.

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Justin Difazzio said...

I had no idea you could get framed photos of residents. NEW GOAL!! And...sit around the tree?! News to me.

thegaygamer.com said...

Ah, I'm glad this post could introduce you to a few things, Justin!

RE: the framed photos--although villagers can give them to you for any reason (coming to their house, coming to your house, running random errands), they mostly seem to do so after moving (if they were good friends with you) and after you do a particularly tough errand for them (such as getting them a rarer fish or insect).

As for sitting around the tree: if your tree is the same size as mine or bigger, you should be able to sit around it. Also, be sure to sit there for a few minutes, as something nice will happen if you do so :)

Zaphod65 said...

Ah, Booker is adorable. There was no way I could choose anything other than the classic police station.

I've been working on my alt characters' houses lately. Bergman has a movie theater and arcade going, Wendy is going to be running a library, and Jason... well, he's horror-themed all the way.

Now I just need to convince Walt, Frita and Poncho to give me their portraits. The rest of my villagers can hit the road. lol

thegaygamer.com said...

Yep, there was no question for me either, Terry--classic police station all the way!

I look forward to seeing these rooms you're talking about, by the way. And of course your stud room/wall :)

You have Poncho, by the way? Consider my jealous! I had him in my original AC town and really liked him :)

Kevin Bowling said...

I keep talking to my villagers, hoping to get the police station.... The only reason I would get the modern is because my partner already put the classic one in his town.

I also keep trying to get certain villagers to move away in the hopes that I might be able to get some of my old villagers from my first NL town back. So far, I just got Henry, but I hope to at least get Daisy back (she was my absolute favorite in my last town.) Instead, I got Rasher from my partner's town. ... I don't understand why they needed to give the villager with the creepiest smile war scars...

Zaphod65 said...

It's mostly planning stages now. I'm paying off loans like crazy to add rooms so I'll have a place to put the items.

Swing by the village any time. I know our schedules don't line up a lot, so there's always the dream suite. Dunwich is 4600-2181-7712.

thegaygamer.com said...

Great! Next time I see you on, I'll swing by. Are you looking for anything at the moment, BTW?

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, I understand that, Kevin. I'd go for the modern police station in that situation, too :)

I also understand trying to get rid of certain villagers. I'm actually happy with all of mine at the moment, but I certainly wouldn't mind a few of them moving away (Poppy, Winnie) in order to make room for a few I'd really like to have in my town at some point (Bob, Filbert, Octavian, etc.).

Zaphod65 said...

Not much furniture-wise at the moment, but I've been trying to find a Varia Suit and Varia Helmet so I can have a Samus mannequin. If you get extras of either...

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, I KNOW I have extras of the Varia Suit. Sadly, I've yet to encounter even a single Varia Helmut so far. Anyway, I'll bring a Varia Suit with me next time I visit :)

Zaphod65 said...

Thanks for dropping off the Varia Suit. The sad thing is I had it in my catalog. I think I sold my original, thinking it was an extra. lol

thegaygamer.com said...

No worries. That's one of the Nintendo items that I have MANY copies of, for whatever reason. And yet I've still to receive a Varia Helmet :|

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I remember before I got the request for my police station I was thinking something along the lines of "I wish someone would hurry up and request the police station" and then the next villager I passed (I'm pretty sure it was Pashmina the goat) they were in the surprised state and asked me to build the police station. I chose the Modern one because it resembled the one in the 1st AC. I wish we could get both Copper and Booker since I liked them evenly, I thought they balanced each-other's character nicely

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I don't know if you know this or not but the default bridge does not count towards the 30 Public Works Projects limit but if you tear down the default bridge and build a new one the replacement bridge will count towards the limit. So if you want 3 bridges and want 1 of them to not count as PWP don't tear down your default bridge. Also PWPs that can't be demolished do not count towards the limit.

thegaygamer.com said...

I really think you can't go wrong with either police station, Sam. I went with the classic one because it looks Japanese--and because Booker comes with it. (I've always preferred him to Copper, although Copper's nice enough, too.)

thegaygamer.com said...

Actually, I didn't know before now that there WAS a PWP limit. Interesting! I don't think I'm going to have to worry about it, though--unless I start building a lot of streetlights or something. Still, thanks for letting me know!