Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I'd love to receive one of these Animal Crossing 3DS XL cases for Christmas (hint, hint)

Don't worry readers, the "hint, hint" in the header above isn't meant for any of you.  It's meant for my husband. Or my parents. Or my sister-in-law.

Basically, anyone who typically buys me a gift or two for Christmas.

Unfortunately for me, none of the above-mentioned folks read this blog with any regularity (if at all), so I'm keeping my expectations low.

Still, I think the snazzy Animal Crossing 3DS XL case shown above is well worth sharing here--especially if it (or one like it) ends up in your possession after this season's holidays.

This particular case was made by etsy seller PaisleyMouseHandmade, by the way, and it can be bought here for just $20.

Green not really your color? No worries, PaisleyMouseHandmade is willing to customize orders--to a point, I'm guessing. Although who knows? Maybe she'd actually make me a rainbow-patterned one if I asked really nicely.

Actually, I think I'd prefer something a little more subdued--like the brown-and-blue 3DS XL case above with an Animal Crossing logo attached to it--but that's just me.


SpeLinnea said...

I love to crochet, if that store is really busy with orders you can ask me nicely as well! ^^ I just made a pink popsicle phone case for myself. Turned out really good!

thegaygamer.com said...

That's really sweet of you, Linnea, but I couldn't ask such a thing of you!

BTW, did you say "pink popsicle" phone case? Now I have to see a photo of this creation, if you've got one to share :)

Monster_Hunter2882 said...

That is pretty snazzy. AC has really inspired some really cool homemade things hasn't it?

Also thanks for making this post, it reminded me that I need to start seriously thinking about what I want for Christmas.

thegaygamer.com said...

Ha! You're welcome, Sam. I'm amazed you needed a reminder to start thinking about your holiday wish list. When I was a kid, I'd start making my list for the next year on Christmas day :| I'm better now, but only just!