Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bet you didn't see this one coming: Success is bringing a Touch Detective rhythm game to the (Japanese) 3DS later this year

Specifically, the game, to be called something along the lines of Osawari Detective Ozawa Rina Nameko Rhythm, will hit Japanese store shelves--hopefully both physical and digital ones--on Nov. 13 carrying a price tag of ¥4,800 (about $46).

My initial reaction to discovering this thrilling piece of news while checking out yesterday was, of course, to drop whatever I was doing so I could pre-order a copy.

Thankfully, that wasn't possible on any of the sites I regularly peruse (like and, as upon watching the game's first trailer--which can be found here--this morning, I'm no longer so sure it would be a wise way to spend my hard-earned cash.

Naturally, it's possible I'll have a change of heart between now and when Osawari Detective Ozawa Rina Nameko Rhythm is released. In the meantime, maybe I should finally give the game that started it all--the first Touch Detective title for the DS--a try?

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