Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Introducing: #ADecadeofDS

A couple of weeks ago (in this post), I mentioned I was planning to start a new series in 2015 that would ape the #YearoftheGameBoy posts I published throughout 2014.

Well, I can tell you now that the series is going to be called #ADecadeofDS, and although it was inspired by the above-mentioned GameBoy-focused posts, it's also going to go in its own direction.

(On a related note, the #YearoftheGameBoy posts that I publish in 2015, which will utilize the updated hashtag #AnotherYearoftheGameBoy, will be altered to follow in the footsteps of these DS-centric ones. More on that in a couple of days.)

Specifically, for this series' posts, I'm going to do my best to play through all of the DS games I've bought in recent years but have not yet started or finished.

My goal isn't to finish or "beat" all of these games, by the way; my goal is just to spend as many hours as I can with them in a single week. For example, I'm going to play my recently acquired copy of Okamiden for as long as I'm able this week, and when the week is over, I'll work up a post that will detail how many hours I put into it, how far I got (if applicable), whether or not I'll continue playing it, whether or not I'd recommend it to others and more.

At the end of each of these #ADecadeofDS posts, I'll announce which game will serve as the focus of the following week's write-up.

Sound interesting? I hope so. And even if it doesn't, at least it'll prompt me to hack away at my mountainous backlog over the next 52 or so weeks.


thegaygamer.com said...

Ah, it's nice to know that at least one person is excited about this series, Walter. Thank you for that!

Also, yes, I agree that the DS is the "PS1 of handhelds." Both systems have such a wonderfully varied library of games.

As of now, I'm playing my DS games via my 3DS--in part because I'm too lazy to pull out my old DS Lite and in part because I like that the 3DS will allow me to track how many hours I'm spending with each game.

I have to say, though, that I'd prefer to play them on a DS system of some sort. (In a perfect world, that would be a DSi XL, as although I loved my Lite back when it was current, these days I find the screen a bit too small.)

I love that you're planning to tackle Game Center CX2 and The Nameless Game (Nanashi no Game, right?), by the way. Both have been on my "to buy" list for ages now. Maybe I'll have to track down copies for myself soon...

Bodo said...

A decade of DS - sounds great :-)

I'm still playing way more DS games (on my DSlite) than 3DS games and I have several JRPGs which are still *factory sealed* and waiting for "exploration".

thegaygamer.com said...

Thanks, Bodo!

I love hearing that you're still playing tons of DS games. I'm kind of surprised to hear you're playing more DS games than 3DS games, though. Why is that?

Also, which JRPGs are awaiting exploration, if you don't mind me asking?