Monday, April 20, 2015

Anyone up for a few more photos of Totsugeki! Ponkotsu Tank's box, manual and cartridge?

I know I just published a post about this fantastic (if disappointingly succinct) GameBoy title on Friday, but that write-up didn't feature enough photos of its fabulous box, instruction manual or cartridge for my liking.

So, I took a few additional snapshots of all three of those elements over the weekend, and the results of that hard work (not really) can be seen above and below.

I especially like the piece of art that's featured on the cover of Totsugeki! Ponkotsu Tank's instruction manual, although I'd kill to see it in full color à la the front of game's box.

The illustration that graces the instruction manual's first page (below) is similarly grin-inducing, if you ask me.

Totsugeki! Ponkotsu Tank's manual features a few more illustrations that impress, so I'll be sure to scan the whole she-bang sometime this week and showcase it in an upcoming installment of my on-again-off-again "Manual Stimulation" series.

As for the photo above, well, I took it--and I'm sharing it here--simply because I was surprised that it depicts the game's name in romanized Japanese (aka romaji).

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Justin Difazzio said...

You take a mean cartridge photo, Bryan. said...

Thanks, Justin! :)

Inganno said...

There's always something really charming about classic video game box art, no matter the region. It's almost like how some people view those old school fantasy novel covers: cheesy, playful, and wonderfully detailed. said...

Thanks for the comment, Inganno! Also, I agree with pretty much every single word you typed here ^^

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