Thursday, April 02, 2015

On or around June 11, I'm going to be all over Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus like dust on an OG 3DS screen

You could say I'm a bit of a fan of Nintendo's Rhythm Tengoku series. After all, not only do I own a copy of its first entry, a Japan-only GameBoy Advance title, but I also own three different copies of that game's DS sequel--its European, Japanese and North America releases, basically--as well as a copy of the back-to-its-roots Rhythm Heaven Fever for Wii.

Considering how much joy all of the above-mentioned games have brought to my life over the years, there's pretty much nothing that could keep me from adding the next iteration of this technicolor triumph to my collection as soon as it hits Japanese store shelves on June 11.

As you've probably already gathered from the beautiful piece of cover art seen above, this fourth entry, which will go by the name Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus in its home region, is being prepped for the good old 3DS.

Amazingly, The Best Plus' in-game graphics look to be even more gorgeous than its box art. Don't believe me? Take a gander at its most recent trailer:

Sadly, Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus wasn't even mentioned in yesterday's European or North American Nintendo Direct broadcasts, so it probably isn't going to see the light of day in either of our necks of the woods this spring or summer.

Here's hoping Nintendo's Western arms bring it up at E3 2015 or some other upcoming event, because this really isn't the kind of title that should only be enjoyed by people who own Japanese 3DSes.

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Monster_Hunter2882 said...

I'm thinking the US name will be Rhythm Heaven: Greatest Hits. I'm hoping they'll announce localization plans at E3. said...

I don't care what it's called outside of Japan, Sam, as long as it's released outside of Japan :)

Regardless, though, I'm going to buy the Japanese version, because I don't want to wait to play it, and because I always prefer the Japanese versions of RT songs that feature vocals.

apricotsushi said...

I'm definitely picking up this, as well! The box art is amazing, and I've always been a big fan of Rhythm Heaven. I'm so bad at it, though! said...

That's great that you're going to pick it up even though you're not particularly good at the game/series, Anne :)

Doesn't your husband like the series, too--or is my mind playing tricks on me again?