Wednesday, May 06, 2015

How on earth did I fail to hear about Ray Gigant (Vita) until now?

OK, so we all know the answer to the question posed in the header above: the reason I'm only now learning of this upcoming Bandai Namco RPG's existence is that I've been far too focused on trying to wrap up Atlus' My World, My Way for DS.

Seriously, though, I'm fairly surprised this game avoided appearing on my radar until the last few days, as the final product is going to sport some pretty snazzy cover imagery.

Actually, "snazzy" is a word I'd use to describe the look of Ray Gigant's battles, too, as they utilize a perspective that's pretty unique as far as Japanese RPGs are concerned. Here are a handful of examples:

Unfortunately, that's about all that's known about this Vita title, which will be released sometime this summer in Japan, at the moment. Well, other than the fact that parties will be limited to only three members and the gameplay will be broken into an undisclosed number of chapters.

Hopefully the folks at Bandai Namco will share a trailer for this sucker with the world soon--and if it proves to be impressive, hopefully they'll follow it up with an announcement that the game will see the light of day in other regions at some point, too.

6 comments: said...

Oh, I think the Vita has plenty of games, Chief. That wasn't the
problem. And I tend to keep a pretty close eye on NeoGAF—but I guess an
intriguing thread slipped by me this time! Maybe it was the name, which isn't
exactly thrilling. At any rate, it's got my attention now, although of course
I'd like to see it in action and at least hear some impressions of it before
getting behind it completely J

Chief said...

Vita does have plenty of games; they just aren't marketed well. Atlus & company are the only people that seem to market well for the little device.

I'm not sold entirely either. I'm interested enough to keep up with it. said...

Ah, I can understand that, Chief. That said,
companies trying to sell Vita games in North America aren't exactly in the easiest
of positions at the moment, so don't be too hard on them. In other words, I'm
not entirely sure some Vita titles' lack of sales can be completely attributed
to/blamed on bad marketing—although that's surely the case with at least a few
of them!

Franggio Hogland said...

Yepp, really cool :)
And being behind Bandai they might actually not feel the need to go the pandering way but instead just do a great game :) said...

Let's hope that's the case!

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